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Iran, Azerbaijan agree to build bridge over border river
Iranian and Azerbaijani governments have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to jointly finance and construct a bridge over Astarachay, the river that separates the Iranian city of Astara from its namesake town on the other side of the border.
India has an eco-bridge for reptiles, animals
A bridge for reptiles may sound uncanny but the Uttarakhand Forest Department has built a first-of-its-kind elevated eco-bridge across a busy highway in Ramnagar forest division so that reptiles trying to cross over are not crushed under traffic.
Major London bridge closed with immediate effect after heatwave causes cracks
Hammersmith Bridge has been closed to all members of the public after safety inspectors found the recent heatwave had worsened cracks in the 133-year-old structure.
Johnson tries to save union with an expensive bridge
Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, is set to approve a prohibitively expensive bridge construction project as part of a broader strategy of sabotaging the prospects for Scottish independence.
London Bridge victim’s father accuses PM of lying during TV debate
The father of London Bridge terror attack victim, Jack Merritt, has slammed the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, for lying during the BBC Election Debate with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn on Friday evening.
Mexico cartel hangs bodies from city bridge in grisly show of force
The merciless dogfight between Mexican drug cartels produced its latest macabre spectacle with the discovery of 19 mutilated corpses — nine of them hung semi-naked from a bridge — in a city to the west of the capital.
'Yellow Vest' protesters show up in London, block Westminster Bridge
Pro-Brexit protesters have blocked London’s Westminster Bridge to express support for Brexit, adopting the iconic "Yellow Vests" used by anti-Macron protesters in France.
Italy holds funeral for bridge collapse victims
A state funeral service was underway Saturday in Italy to commemorate dozens of people killed in Genoa's bridge disaster, as some outraged relatives shunned official ceremonies and rescuers pulled more bodies from the wreckage.
Iran sympathizes with Italy over deadly bridge collapse
Anger grows as bridge toll rises to 39
Genoa bridge collapse: Search for bodies continues as Italy seeks answers
Rescuers worked through the night to account for all of the victims of Tuesday's Morandi Bridge disaster in Genoa, as Italy's President called for a "serious and severe examination" into why the bridge suddenly collapsed.
Turkish court gives life imprisonment to 72 over coup bridge killings
A Turkish court has handed down life sentences to 72 defendants for their roles in clashes on an Istanbul bridge that led to the deaths of dozens of people, including a key aide of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, during an abortive coup two years ago.
Several dead in Florida bridge collapse
At least six people died in the collapse of a pedestrian bridge on a college campus in Miami — and that number could climb, authorities said Friday.
Florida bridge: Engineer left message about crack two days before collapse
Police department says criminal charges were possible after inquiries into the accident that killed at least six are completed.
Britain must urgently bridge policy gaps to meet emissions target
Britain must urgently lay out further policies to meet its domestic emissions targets, the government’s climate advisers said.
New bridge reunites Mosul as Iraqi forces gear up for final assault
Iraqi military engineers installed a new floating bridge across the Tigris River on Wednesday, reconnecting the two halves of Mosul to facilitate troop deployments ahead of a final assault to dislodge Daesh terrorists.

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