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Hamas slams Britain’s move to ban resistance group
Hamas condemned a move by Britain towards banning the resistance group as a terrorist organisation which could see supporters of the Palestinian movement face up to 14 years in prison.
France, Britain locked in fishing standoff as Brexit tensions mount
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will meet French President Emmanuel Macron this weekend amid a row over post-Brexit fishing rights in which France has seized a British boat and London has threatened to board French trawlers.
Four Guinness World Records broken at giant vegetable contest in Britain
An annual competition for growers of giant vegetables in Britain resulted in four Guinness World Records being broken: Heaviest eggplant, heaviest marrow, heaviest broad bean pod and longest leek.
Britain runs coal power stations amid soaring gas prices
Britain, which faces soaring natural gas prices, has been forced to run coal-fired power stations in order to secure energy supplies, electricity generation company Drax said.
Giant African land snail found at package distribution center in Britain
Animal rescuers in Britain said they are trying to determine the origins of a giant African land snail found in an unmarked box at a package distribution center.
Six people killed in mass shooting in Britain’s Plymouth
Six people, including a child, were killed in a mass shooting in the city of Plymouth in southwest England on Thursday evening, in an incident described by the British home secretary as "shocking".
Millions of Brits to face energy price hike as global gas prices bite
Energy prices for millions of Britons are expected to rocket from October after the energy regulator said it would increase its cap on the most widely used tariffs by about 12-13%, due to soaring global gas prices.
Britain, EU seeking to ease pressure on terrorists in Dara’a: Syrian official
An official from the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates condemned Britain and the European Union for their incitement and hypocrisy campaigns concerning developments in the southwestern province of Dara’a, describing them as futile attempts to ease pressure on terrorists operating in the region.
North Korea slams Britain for plan to deploy warships in Asia
North Korea criticised Britain on Tuesday for a plan to permanently deploy two warships in the Asia-Pacific region this year, calling it a "provocation".
Russia, U.S. want Britain, France, China to join wider nuclear talks
Russia said that it wanted Britain and France to be included in wider nuclear arms control talks with the United States, while it said that Washington wanted China to be included.
World’s rarest stamp returns to Britain for first time in 143 years
The world’s rarest stamp is returning to Britain permanently for the first time in 143 years.
Kremlin vows appropriate measures in case of border violations in Black Sea
Moscow will take all necessary measures if its state border in the Black Sea is violated, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Wednesday, commenting on a remark of British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab that UK Royal Navy ships would continue entering Ukrainian territorial waters.
Airlines, holiday companies ramp up pressure on Britain to ease travel rules
Britain’s airlines and holiday companies are planning a “day of action” on Wednesday to ramp up pressure on the government to ease travel restrictions, with just weeks to go before the start of the peak summer season.
Britain eases virus lockdown but Asia outbreaks fuel concern
Britain took a big step toward normal life on Monday with more easing of coronavirus restrictions, but there was even more misery in India where a powerful cyclone disrupted efforts to fight a devastating COVID-19 wave.
Sold for just £2,500, is this lost Gainsborough worth £1m?
A completely unknown portrait by Thomas Gainsborough was discovered, to the excitement of scholars of art and music as it is thought to depict an unjustly forgotten musician who was well known in 18th-century Britain.

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