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Eye candy: Enjoying California's Sugar Rush theme park
Craving for candy without the calories? Feast your eyes on a whirl of giant lollipops, cupcakes and all things sweet at Sugar Rush, a pop-up theme park in Los Angeles, in the US western state of California. Pop a free treat into your mouth at the end, after walking through with a mask.
Missing fcat ound three years after California mudslide
A pet cat that was believed to have been killed in a mudslide three years ago was found alive and has been reunited with one of the people from her old life.
US doctor says beds open up only when patients die
With the number of COVID-19 hospitalizations at an all-time high in the US, medical facilities are having a hard time finding places to put new patients.
California approves driverless delivery service
Nuro's autonomous vehicles will take to streets as early as 2021.
California monolith becomes the third to appear and disappear
A silver-colored metal monolith has been discovered in California, shortly after similar monoliths in Utah and Romania were discovered and subsequently removed.
Halloween fire decoration in US is so realistic, people keep calling 911
A California home is now the hottest thing in Halloween decorating.
California needs forests to fight climate change, but they are going up in smoke
California’s record wildfires pose a problem for the state’s plan to use its forests to help offset climate-warming emissions.
Fast-moving fires in California send tens of thousands fleeing
Several new California fires torched thousands of acres in a day, including the fast-moving Napa County Glass Fire.
California wildfire trend 'driven by climate'
Climate change is driving the scale and impact of recent wildfires that have raged in California, say scientists.
'We're in unprecedented waters,' says California firefighter
This year's ferocious wildfires on the US West Coast are taking a heavy toll on exhausted firefighters who see no end in sight to the blazes, with the coronavirus pandemic adding another layer of risk.
Three men walk into Indian jewelry store in masks, sanitize hands, rob it
Who said criminals and thieves are not scared of COVID-19? Today, three robbers made sure they wore their face masks, and sanitized their hands, before pulling out their guns to rob a jewelry store in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.
California teen learns to drive while escaping wildfire
Fourteen-year-old Ruben Navarrete learned how to drive the hard way — heading down a steep narrow road at night with giant flames leaping behind him.
California sets record as wildfires torch more than two million acres this year
Intense heat, parched conditions and high winds fueled record-shattering wildfires and strained the electrical grid across much of California on Monday, forcing the Forest Service to close eight national forests.
California governor declares state of emergency in five counties due to fire
California Governor Gavin Newsom declared a state of emergency in five counties due to wildfires.
Why does California have so many wildfires?
Again, California is aflame.

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