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Iran’s ‘Holy Bread’ at Canadian Hot Docs event
Iranian documentary, ‘Holy Bread,’ directed by the late Rahim Zabihi and produced by Touraj Aslani, entered the Showcase of the World competition section of the 27th Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival.
Canadian man making neighbors laugh at daily jokes
“I didn’t think a chiropractor could improve my posture…but I stand corrected.”
Canadian boy’s 1.02-inch baby tooth declared a world record
An Ontario boy became a Guinness World Record holder after a baby tooth pulled by his dentistwas measured at 1.02 inches long.
Ancient coins seized at Canadian border transferred to University of Washington
Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) agents transferred ancient coins seized at the Canadian border to the University of Washington.
Canadian strongman Kevin Fast sets record for heaviest sleigh pulled
Kevin Fast loves two things, dressing up as Santa Claus and setting new Guinness World Records titles.
Canadian town of Asbestos breathes easy with new name
The Canadian town Asbestos has voted to rename itself "Val-des-Sources", the mayor announced in a hope to shed its association with the deadly mineral.
Canadian women get wedding dresses back 31 years after mix-up
Two Ontario, Canada, women were reunited with their wedding dresses 31 years after a mix-up at the cleaners that was discovered only recently.
Iran’s ‘The Crab’ to compete at Canadian festival
Iranian animation ‘The Crab’ is slated to compete at the 2020 edition of the Ottawa International Animation Festival (OIAF) in Canada.
Canadian couple labeled 'heartless' for having guests play dead in wedding photo shoot
A Canadian couple's attempt to make light of their wedding taking place during a global pandemic has been labeled 'heartless' and 'tone deaf'.
‘Cursed’ ship found in Canadian waters completely intact 90 years after sinking
Archeologists were thrilled when a 90-year-old "cursed" shipwreck was found in Canadian waters completely intact more than 90 years after it sank.
Canadian festival to host Iran's ‘Serok’
Iranian short film, ‘Serok,’ is slated to attend the Canadian Labour International Film Festival, CLiFF.
New Canadian study investigates how cancer adapts its metabolism to overcome therapies
Knowing what cancer will do next could lessen the likelihood of it becoming resistant to treatment. A new Canadian study investigates how cancer adapts its metabolism to potentially overcome therapies still in development.
World's biggest wealth fund blacklists four Canadian firms for greenhouse emissions
The Norwegian central bank on Wednesday excluded four Canadian oil and gas companies from its $1-trillion wealth fund, the world’s largest, for producing too much greenhouse gas emissions, its first use of carbon emissions as a criterion to blacklist firms.
Canadian lawmakers approve vast pandemic economic aid program
Canadian lawmakers passed a wage subsidy program heralded as the largest economic measure in the country since World War II, to help businesses and their employees get through the coronavirus crisis.

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