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China’s imports from Iran grow by 26%
China’s imports from Iran increased by 26 percent in the first five months of 2022, with total Iran-China trade reaching six billion dollars.
Sanctioned Russia becomes China's main source of oil
China ramped up crude oil imports from Russia in May, customs data showed Monday, helping to offset losses from Western nations scaling back Russian energy purchases over its military operation in Ukraine.
China’s economy showed recovery sparks in May but consumers wary
China’s economy showed signs of recovery in May after slumping in the prior month, as industrial production rose unexpectedly. But consumption was still weak, underlining the challenge for policymakers amid the persistent drag from strict COVID curbs.
Xi: China will keep backing Russia on 'sovereignty, security'
Chinese President Xi Jinping told his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in a call Wednesday that Beijing would keep backing Moscow on "sovereignty and security", according to state media.
China vows ‘fight to the end’ to stop Taiwan independence
China will “fight to the very end” to stop Taiwanese independence, the country’s defense minister vowed Sunday, in a stern warning to the United States.
China calls COVID ‘lab leak’ theory a lie after WHO report
China on Friday attacked the theory that the coronavirus pandemic may have originated as a leak from a Chinese laboratory as a politically motivated lie, after the World Health Organization recommended in its strongest terms yet that a deeper probe is needed into whether a lab accident may be to blame.
China: Australian military planes in South China Sea are a threat
China said that its military identified Australian military aircraft in the South China Sea and warned them to leave – days after Australia said fighter aircraft had intercepted one of its military surveillance planes in the region.
China reports rise in imports from Iran
China said its imports from Iran rose by 25 percent in the first four months of 2022, compared to the similar period last year, as the two strategic partners speed up economic cooperation.
China says it conducted 'readiness patrol' around Taiwan
The Chinese military said on Wednesday it had conducted a combat "readiness patrol" in the seas and airspace around Taiwan in recent days, saying it was a necessary action to respond to "collusion" between Washington and Taipei.
China says a third of electricity will come from renewables by 2025
China will aim to ensure that its grids source about 33% of power from renewable sources by 2025, up from 28.8% in 2020, the state planning agency said on Wednesday in a new "five-year plan" for the renewable sector.
Samoa signs China agreement amid South Pacific push
Samoa signed a bilateral agreement with China on Saturday, promising "greater collaboration" as Beijing's foreign minister continues a tour of the South Pacific that has sparked concern among Western allies.
Russia to focus on China ties: Lavrov
Moscow will consider offers from the West to re-establish diplomatic and trade ties, but will turn its focus more sharply on developing relations with China.
China warns US not to underrate resolve on Taiwan
China on Monday said it was ready to defend its national interests over Taiwan, in a rebuke to US President Joe Biden's vow to protect the island from any invasion by Beijing.

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