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72-year-old man eats at 8,000 US restaurants to find best Chinese Food
If you thought you were a fan of Chinese takeaways then you may need to think again as one 72-year-old man, living in the US, has visited nearly 8,000 Chinese restaurants over the last forty years.
Russian, Chinese warships hold first joint patrols in Pacific Ocean
Russian and Chinese warships held their first joint patrols in the western Pacific Ocean over the past week, Russia's Defense Ministry said on Saturday, a move Japan said it was monitoring.
Seven Chinese films to be screened in Iran
Seven Chinese films will be screened and reviewed in the 2nd Chinese Cinema at a Glance event from October 16 to 22.
Nine Chinese nationals among 13 people killed in Pakistan bus blast
Nine Chinese workers were among 13 people killed on Wednesday when a blast on a bus sent it careering down a ravine in northwestern Pakistan, government and police officials said.
Chinese ‘Don Quixote’ translated into Spanish after 100 years
In the early 20th century a pioneering and appropriately idiosyncratic man of letters took it upon himself to translate the first part of ‘Don Quixote’ into classical Chinese.
Sale of Chinese painting shows art value rising in pandemic
A Chinese painting from 1924 is expected to fetch at least $45 million in an auction in Hong Kong, as collectors’ appetite for art continues to rise even amid economic uncertainty brought about by the coronavirus pandemic.
Chinese mother finds out adopted son's bride is her long-lost daughter on their wedding day
A woman attending her son's wedding was left in tears after she identified the bride as her long-lost daughter. The incident happened in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province in China.
Chinese get a taste of home for Lunar New Year
Chinese unable to reunite with loved ones this Lunar New Year are sending them a taste of home instead, using food packages to bridge the distance, as coronavirus warnings in some regions put a stop to the usual lengthy journeys home.
Rescued Chinese miners 'feel reborn' after harrowing ordeal
Two rescued Chinese miners have spoken of their ordeal while trapped underground for two weeks, with one saying he "feels reborn".
Chinese museum rings in Year of the Ox by holding art expo
With the Chinese New Year less than a month away, the celebration is already getting started.
Iranian-Chinese animation ‘The Gools’ to be screened in China
A joint animation project between Iran and China, ‘The Gools,’ received a screening permit in China and soon will hit the Chinese silver screens.
Medieval Chinese coin found in England’s Hampshire may well be genuine: Historian
A medieval Chinese coin from the early 11th century that was unearthed in a Hampshire Village may well be a genuine find, according to a Cambridge University historian.
Chinese tourists, gripped by coronavirus fears, scale back domestic travel plans
Chinese tourists, millions of whom have shunned overseas travel this year because of the global pandemic, are further narrowing the scope of their journeys, visiting nearby cities and avoiding trips out of their provinces.
Two Iranian productions to be screened at Chinese Hainan Island event
Two Iranian films, ‘Bandar Band,’ directed by female filmmaker Manijeh Hekmat, and ‘Sun Children,’ directed by Majid Majidi, will hit the silver screen at the 3rd Hainan Island International Film Festival (HIIFF) in China.
Chinese reforestation to cut global COS
Barely a day passes without the global anxiety of climate change rearing its ugly head. Manmade carbon emissions from fossil fuels are now so significant that scientists claim we have entered a new and vastly different geological time period, the anthropocene.

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