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Daryan Village: Collection of natural and cultural charms
The beautiful Daryan Village (also spelled as Darian) in western Iranian province of Kermanshah greets you with a collection of natural and cultural charms.
Art collection featuring Warhol, Picasso heads to auction, valued at $600 million
Sotheby's announced the sale of a private modern and contemporary art collection featuring Andy Warhol and Pablo Picasso pieces valued at more than $600 million, saying that was the highest estimate ever placed on any collection to come to auction.
Belgian collects a treasure trove of 60,000 vintage tin boxes
The colorful tins piled high around Belgian collector Yvette Dardenne used to contain goods ranging from chocolates, toffees, coffee and rice to tobacco, talc and shoe polish, and come from as far away as India. Yvette Dardenne, 83, has accumulated almost 60,000 vintage tin boxes from all over the world since starting her collection some 30 years ago.
Bint al-Huda collection of books published in English
The International Association of Muslim University Professors (IAOMUP) released ‘Bint al-Huda Collection: All Novels and Short Stories’.
Rome unveils legendary Torlonia Marbles after decades in the dark
The legendary Torlonia Collection, considered among the world's most important private collections of Greek-Roman classical art, will at last come to light after being largely hidden away for more than 70 years.
‘Radif of Mirza Abdollah’ available in international markets after 28 years
The music collection ‘Traditional Persian Art Music: The Radif of Mirza Abdollah’ was released in international market after 28 years from its first publication.
Elmo the cat's garden glove collection amuses owner
A cat owner has been left scratching her head by her moggy's penchant for collecting garden gloves.
Prague to host collection of Iranian film posters
Terry Posters, the biggest shop with film posters in the Czech Republic, will be hosting a collection of Iranian film posters from late December until the end of January 2019.
Handwritten gems from Pedro Corrêa do Lago’s collection
Pedro Corrêa do Lago has the world’s largest private collection of autographed letters and manuscripts.
Farshchian's latest works to be unveiled
Latest works by Iran's painting and miniature virtuoso Mahmoud Farshchian is set to be unveiled in a written collection on September 21.
Iran's contemporary art collection ready to go abroad
Conditions for displaying Iranian artworks abroad have improved following a letter by German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier to his Iranian counterpart Mohammad Javad Zarif guaranteeing the safety of the treasured collections of Tehran's Museum of Contemporary Arts.
Mafia mobster's collection in Italy show
The prized art collection of a mafia boss, confiscated by Italian police, went on show in Calabria, Italy in an exhibition billed as a 'victory of the state' over organized crime.
British museums welcome Fuller's maps
An artist who creates intricate hand-drawn maps had his work accepted by three national permanent collections.
Artwork full of mystery grabs top NZ award
An artwork titled 'On the Seam of Things – Constellations #5' that invites the viewer to draw their own conclusions about what it represents – and even what it depicts – was chosen as the winner of the 2016 New Zealand Painting and Printmaking Award.

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