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Dad spends £20,000 to buy former British Army tank, use it for taxi service
An eccentric dad who splashed out £20,000 on a former British Army tank says he plans to use it as a taxi.
Dad mortified after seeing his daughter’s ‘brutal’ description of him
There's no denying that young kids are brutally honest, and given the chance, they'd happily spill their family's dirty laundry.
'Buddy the Elf' joke baffles dad in first meeting with son
An adopted man left his biological father puzzled after dressing up as a character from the beloved Christmas film Elf for their first ever meeting.
Dad learns to swim for 'inspiring' kayaking daughter
A dad from Plymouth in Massachusetts, the US, has gone kayaking with his daughter for the first time after finally learning to swim.
'Email from dad after his death made my birthday’
Natasha Salman's dad died in April and she was preparing for her first birthday without him when a glance at an old email inbox led to a thousand people sharing their stories of loss and compassion.
When your dad decides to do the same apprenticeship as you
"We tried to keep it a bit low key... I didn't want to say 'Oh my dad's in the same company as me’, I didn't want all the attention — but it got round pretty quickly," said Dominic Foster.
Kids gain from more 'dad time'
Fathers play a unique and important role in their children's development, a new report shows.
Dad's involvement with autistic child helps mom
Involved parenting by the father of an autistic child improves the mother's mental health, a new study finds.
Mum, dad's genes battle over baby's body shape
Scientists have uncovered how genes inherited from your mother and father have opposite effects on growth during early life, the outcome of which can influence the risk of conditions such as obesity and diabetes in adult life.

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