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Biography of Iran’s Martyr Babaei translated into English
ISNA – The Iranian book, ‘The Flight to Infinity,’ biography of Iran’s Martyr Major General Abbas Babaei was translated into English.
Six-year-old English boy found wandering in street at 3 a.m.
A six-year-old boy was found wandering the street wearing only his pyjamas at 3 a.m. after he'd allegedly walked out of his house.
English man shocked to discover his 'house has been stolen'
A man was shocked after discovering that his 'house had been stolen'.
Frugal English bride has lavish wedding for just £500
A frugal bride has revealed how she managed to enjoy a lavish wedding for just £500, with the couple received more money in gifts than they spent on the big day.
English mum keeps burgers and pizza in cupboards for two years to prove it ‘never goes off’
A mum’s very organised food cupboard has caused a stir but not for the reason you may expect.
English man 'lucky to be alive' after trying to use stun gun as a shaver
A man is 'lucky to be alive' after trying to use a stun gun as a shaver.
English grandmother, aged 98, cycles 500 miles for charity
A 98-year-old English woman raised thousands of pounds for charity by cycling more than 500 miles for 80 days.
English great-great grandma on turning 100: Look forward, don't look back
Retired shop assistant Constance Stead, who still lives independently in Killingbeck, England, with family close by, said: "I think you have got to look forward, don't look back.
Bint al-Huda collection of books published in English
The International Association of Muslim University Professors (IAOMUP) released ‘Bint al-Huda Collection: All Novels and Short Stories’.
English couple marks 60 years of marriage
A couple from Grantham, England, will be marking their diamond wedding with a trip down memory lane.
English schoolgirl named Child of Courage for saving mom's life
A quick-thinking schoolgirl who saved her mom's life in England has been named a Child of Courage in a prestigious award ceremony.
English homeowner refuses 'massive' offers, then accepts one for asking price instead
A homeowner sitting on a potential goldmine in England, rejected two 'massive' offers — before accepting one for the exact asking price instead.
English poster of feature film ‘Landless’ unveiled
English poster of ‘Landless’, the third feature film directed by Touraj Aslani, which is a joint production of Iraq and Syria, was unveiled.
Raw sewage dumped into English and Welsh beaches '2,900 times this year'
Water companies in the UK discharged raw sewage into bathing water beaches almost 3,000 times in the past year, polluting the environment and risking public health, new analysis shows.
Shocking state of English rivers revealed as all of them fail pollution tests
All English rivers have failed to meet quality tests for pollution amid concerns over the scale of sewage discharges and agricultural and industrial chemicals entering the water system.

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