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Environmentalists make a case for leaving fossil fuels in ground
Economic, climate and healthcare upheavals point to the need to move toward developing cleaner energy sources, environmentally friendly jobs and healthier communities, participants in a Reuters Next panel said.
Environmentalists invoke belugas in effort to halt Alaska oil exploration
Two environmental groups issued notice that they intend to sue the US’ National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to void a permit allowing oil exploration in waters used by endangered Cook Inlet beluga whales.
Austria's early ski slope sparks row among environmentalists
A singular bright strip of snow stands out brightly against Austria's autumnal surroundings but the ski slope's early opening is drawing concern from environmentalists.
Environmentalists sound alarm after Brazilian dam disaster
A massive, deadly river of pale brown mud released by the collapse of a mining company dam threatens to cause an environmental disaster for Brazil, potentially snatching away livelihoods and driving the spread of disease, activists warned.
Environment chief: No evidence against detained environmentalists
Iran's environment chief said Tuesday that a government committee has concluded there was no evidence against wildlife activists arrested on spying charges in recent months.
President Rouhani asked to address situation of detained environmentalists
About 750 activists in the fields of the environment, culture and art as well as some university professors have written a letter to Iran's President Hassan Rouhani asking him to address the conditions of 13 detained environmentalists.
Environmentalists censure Kuwait media blackout on oil spill
Kuwait has been criticized for its cover-up of an oil spill in the Persian Gulf waters as an environmental campaigning group says authorities did not issue proper warning about the disaster which now threatens human life on the beaches.
Chinese environmentalists wield new legal tool
As Beijing choked on 'red alert' air pollution, Chinese delegates pledged to curb emissions at global climate change talks in Paris. A final accord was reached on Dec. 12 among nearly 200 nations seeking to avert future environmental disaster.
Environmentalists welcome cancelation of Arctic offshore drilling
The US Interior Department announced Friday it is canceling future lease sales and will not extended current leases in Arctic waters off Alaska's northern coast, a decision that significantly reduces the chances for future Arctic offshore drilling.

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