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EU must 'move at speed' on space broadband network
The European Commission says it wants its newly proposed satellite mega-constellation to be offering some sort of initial service in 2024.
European Commission issues guidelines on ‘integration’ to ease deal on migration pact
The European Commission called on EU countries to do a better job of integrating migrants into European society, and issued a new set of guidelines and goals for integration in the areas of education, employment, health and housing.
EU says Brexit trade deal still snagged on three issues
The European Union and Britain remain at odds in last-ditch trade talks over fishing rights, guarantees of fair competition and ways to solve future disputes, even though they are very close to agreement on other issues, EU diplomats said on Friday.
European Commission to intervene in companies-carmakers patent dispute: Document
The European Commission plans to step into the patent dispute between tech companies and carmakers and may set up a system to check whether some patents are essential to a technology standard as claimed, according to a commission document.
EU to unveil reforms in accession system to appease France
The European Commission is to propose changes to the European Union (EU)’s accession system to accommodate French concerns and end France’s opposition to the membership of certain new countries.
EU restates commitment to try save JCPOA
We are told that senior personnel inside the EU's executive arm, the European Commission, are anxiously awaiting an assessment from the International Atomic Energy Agency regarding Tehran's compliance or otherwise with the terms of the Iran nuclear deal. We've been talking to an EU spokesperson about moves by Tehran to again reduce commitments it made under the landmark agreement in response to the actions and failures of others.
Juncker: Britain must make proposals to replace backstop
European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker told British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday he must present workable proposals to replace the Brexit backstop in their stalled divorce deal, which the executive said had still not been made.
EU opens road to 5G-connected cars
European Union (EU) states opened the way to competing technologies for Internet-connected cars, rejecting a European Commission (EC) push for a WiFi-based standard backed by Volkswagen.
European Commission: Delaying Brexit to June 30 would have political risks
Britain’s request to delay the Brexit deadline from March 29 to June 30 would bring "serious legal and political risks", says the European Commission.
European Commission: Hungarian campaign on migration 'distorts truth'
The Hungarian government’s anti-immigration campaign, which attacks the European Commission, distorts the truth and the EU executive arm will respond with equal force to set the record straight, chief spokesperson of the European CommissionM Margaritis Schinas, said.
EU to take first step to disciplining Italy over 2019 budget
The European Commission will on Wednesday take the first step towards disciplining Italy over its draft 2019 budget, backed by euro zone governments worried that Rome’s borrow-and-spend plans could trigger another debt crisis that would hurt them all.
Italy faces higher borrowing costs, sanctions on budget
Italian borrowing costs have risen after the government resubmitted draft budget proposals without the significant changes sought by the European Commission.
Eurozone economy to grow fastest in 2017 in decade
The European Commission forecast that the eurozone economy would grow at its fastest pace in a decade this year, with real gross domestic product growth predicted to be 2.2 percent.
European Commission delegation in Iran
The European Commission dispatched a delegation to Tehran as part of plans to boost energy ties with Iran, one of the world’s richest countries in terms of oil and gas reserves.
European Commission, US strike deal on internet data sharing
The European Commission and the United States have sealed a deal on the ways of sharing data on the internet in an attempt to ease concerns over the security of the web activity.

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