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Iran receives first batch of Cuban-made COVID-19 vaccines
Iran received the first shipment of Cuba’s coronavirus vaccines developed in cooperation between Tehran and Havana in spite of US unilateral sanctions imposed on both countries.
First group of US occupation forces leaves Iraq: Commander
The spokesman for the Iraqi Joint Operations Command announced the withdrawal of the first batch of US troops from the Arab country based on an agreement reached between Baghdad and Washington.
First trial of gene-targeted asthma Rx in kids shows promise
Asthma treatments tailored to the genes of kids and teens could help improve control of their symptoms, new research suggests.
IRCS: Iran sends first batch of food supplies, medical aid to Lebanon after deadly blast
Iran sent its first batch of food supplies and medical aid to Lebanon as part of its humanitarian assistance for Beirut in the aftermath of the huge blast that rocked the city on Tuesday, said the Iranian Red Crescent Society.
First active leak of seabed methane discovered in Antarctica
The first active leak of methane from the sea floor in Antarctica has been revealed by scientists.
First Italy trial over 'migrant pushback' to Libya to be held
The captain of an Italian-flagged ship is to be tried for allegedly forcing migrants back to Libya, in the first such case in Italy, documents seen by AFP show.
Idlib reports first COVID-19 case, bracing for fresh disaster
Health care workers in Syria’s Idlib Province near the Turkish border are bracing for fresh disaster after the overcrowded and poverty-stricken area confirmed its first case of COVID-19.
Palau is first country to ban 'reef toxic' sun cream
The Pacific nation of Palau has become the first country to ban sun cream that is harmful to corals and sea life.
First South Pars demercaptanization unit operational by March 2020
The first demercaptanization unit of South Pars Phases 2 and 3 has so far progressed by 78 percent and will come on stream by the end of the current Iranian year (March 2020).

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