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Iran: UNSC must compel Israel to end occupation of Golan, stop aggression against Syria
Iran's Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN Zahra Ershadi said the United Nations Security Council must act to force Israel to end the occupation of Syria’s Golan Heights and aggression against the country.
UN passes resolution with 149 votes against Israeli annexation of Syria’s Golan
The United Nations General Assembly approved a resolution declaring that Israel’s decision to impose its jurisdiction in Syria’s Golan Heights with the aim of changing the character and legal status of the strategic territory is “null and void” and constitutes a flagrant violation of international law.
Syrians in Golan protest against Israeli plan for wind turbines
The residents of Syria’s Golan Heights have staged a protest against Israel’s plan to install wind turbines in the occupied territory, which they say would pave the way for the seizure of more land from them.
Syria to exhaust all means to retake Israeli-occupied Golan: Foreign Ministry
Syria has censured Israel’s land theft and repressive measures against Syrians in the occupied side of the Golan Heights as a flagrant violation of international law, saying that Damascus reserves the right to re-establish control over the occupied land.
Iran UN envoy: Golan will remain integral part of Syria
Iran’s UN ambassador condemns the world body’s inaction in the face of the US’s increasing support for Israel’s territorial violations, including Washington’s recent recognition of Syria’s Golan Heights as an “Israeli territory.”
Iran, Russia, Turkey condemn US Golan decision
The guarantors of the Astana talks on Syria – Iran, Russia and Turkey – condemned the recent US move to recognize Israel's sovereignty over Syria’s Golan Heights and called it a threat to the regional security, a statement said on Friday.
Israel has no sovereignty over Golan, Lebanon's Auon tells US delegation
Lebanese President Michel Aoun says his country does not recognize Israeli "sovereignty" over the occupied Golan Heights.
Syrians continue to protest Trump’s move on Golan
People have once again taken to the streets across Syria to protest US President Donald Trump’s recent recognition of Israeli “sovereignty” over the occupied Golan Heights.
Iraq: Golan an occupied Syrian land
Iraqi President Barham Salih declared his explicit and firm opposition against the US president's recent decision on Golan Heights, saying Golan is an occupied Syrian land.
New round of global outcry targets US over Syria’s Golan
The United States has become the subject of a new round of furor by world countries over its controversial decision to recognize Israeli “sovereignty” over the part of Syria’s Golan Heights that has been occupied by the Tel Aviv regime.
Syrians protest US recognition of Israeli ‘sovereignty’ over occupied Golan Heights
People have held protests all over Syria to denounce the United States’ recent move to recognize Israeli “sovereignty” over the part of Syria’s Golan Heights that has been occupied by the Tel Aviv regime.
Damascus: Liberating Golan Syria's right
Syrian Foreign Ministry said that in a flagrant aggression on the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic, the US President has recognized the annexation of the occupied Syrian Golan to the Zionist occupation entity.
Syria, Russia, Lebanon slam US for recognizing Israel’s ‘sovereignty’ over Golan
World nations and prominent international rights groups have joined voices with Syria to condemn a recent decision by US President Donald Trump to recognize Israel’s “sovereignty” over the Golan Heights, which have been under the regime’s occupation since 1967.
Trump’s move on Golan will lead to war with Israel: Experts
US President Donald Trump’s formal recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the occupied Golan Heights, a Syrian territory, has assured that Israel will be in a perpetual state of war with its Arab neighbors for many decades, according to experts.
Trump’s Golan tweet a move to appease Zionist regime: Pak daily
A leading Pakistani English news daily strongly believes that recent tweet of US President Donald Trump on the Golan Heights is to appease Zionist regime and disdain Arabs in general and Palestinians in particular.

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