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Brazil pair break Guinness record with 1,010 origami dogs
A pair of paper-folding enthusiasts in Brazil broke a Guinness World Record when they combined their efforts to create a display featuring 1,010 origami dogs.
British men earn Guinness record for trip on scooter and sidecar
A pair of British adventurers were awarded the Guinness World Record for longest journey on a scooter with a sidecar when they took a 34,000-mile trip around the world.
Nela Zisser sets Guinness World Record for eating chicken nuggets
Nela Zisser, a medical student, still found time to be an eating champ.
British man tops 66 mph in electric wheelchair for Guinness record
A British man who was diagnosed with motor neuron disease in 2013 broke a Guinness World Record when he took his prototype electric wheelchair to a top speed of 66.826 mph (107.54 km/h).
Pizza with 254 kinds of cheese breaks Guinness record
A French chef captured a Guinness World Record by cooking up a pizza that contains 254 varieties of cheese.
Man sets new Guinness World Record by putting 125 scoops on a single ice cream cone
Dimitri Panciera of Italy set a new Guinness World Record recently by adding a whopping 125 scoops of ice cream on a single cone.
103-year-old daredevil achieves world’s oldest tandem parachute jump
Ahead of Guinness World Records Day 2020 this November 18, we’re discovering the world of extraordinary record holders each week to build up the excitement for our global celebration of record breaking. This week, check out the world of the daring Alfred Blaschke.
Man breaks Guinness World Record with 24 Nerf dart hits in one minute
An Idaho man broke his own Guinness World Record when he got 24 shots from a single-load Nerf gun to stick to a target in one minute.
Pakistani Martial artist breaks pushup Guinness record while wearing 60 pounds
A Pakistani athlete achieved his 34th Guinness World Record when he completed 49 pushups with his fingertips while carrying 60 pounds on his back.
A 16-year-old Indian uses both hands to write 40 words in one minute
A 16-year-old girl in India is seeking Guinness World Records recognition for her latest accomplishment: Writing 40 words in one minute by using both hands at the same time.
British woman eats 10 jelly doughnuts in three minutes for Guinness record
A British speed-eater achieved a Guinness World Record when she ate 10 jelly doughnuts in three minutes.
US man moves cookie from forehead to mouth for Guinness record
An Idaho man participating in a Guinness World Records weekly challenge successfully set a new record for fastest time to move a cream filled cookie from the forehead to the mouth.
British man breaks Guinness record for fastest ice cream truck
A British inventor has broken the motorway speed limit while achieving a Guinness World Record for the fastest electric ice cream van.
Russian athlete breaks Guinness record for underwater bench press
A Russian athlete broke a Guinness World Record when he went underwater and bench pressed a 110-pound (about 50kg) barbell 76 times before coming up for air.
Artist paints Mahatma Gandhi’s massive portrait using coffee powder
An artist has attempted to enter Guinness World Records by painting Mahatma Gandhi's portrait in 2,020 square feet area using coffee powder in Chennai, India.

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