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The 'rainbow island' most tourists don't know
With ochre-stained streams, crimson-hued beaches, and enchanting salt caves, Iran's Hormuz Island is a geologist's Disneyland.
Candy-colored domes dot this village on Iran’s Hormuz Island
Along the coast of Hormuz Island, in the south of Iran, is a striking visual: A string of brightly colored domes, standing in stark contrast against the sandy gulf.
A glimpse of Iran’s ‘Rainbow Island’ from above
Like a natural pearl resting on a teal velvet bed, Hormuz Island lies a few miles off the coast of Iran, at the mouth of the strait of the same name. From its strategic perch where the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman meet, this 16-square-mile island was once a splendid historic trading port, described by a 15th-century Russian merchant as “a vast emporium of all the world.” Its significant location is also very much in the news today, too, wrote.
Hormuz Island symbol of Iran’s authority, resistance: Pourmohammadi
Justice Minister Hojjatolesalm Mostafa Pourmohammadi said on Wednesday the Iranian Island of Hormuz is a symbol of Iranians’ resistance and authority against aggressive powers.

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