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American couple freaked out after moving house and finding 'hidden' speakers around neighborhood
When moving house, we tend to do a lot of research into the area — what the local schools are like, where the nearest supermarkets are, if it's a peaceful street, that sort of thing.
Kolbadi House in Sari, a building with Esfahani style of architecture
Kolbadi House, dating back to Qajar Era, is located in Sari, capital of the northern province of Mazandaran. The monument, which is one of the remaining buildings with Esfahani style of architecture, has been converted into a museum.
Floating house in Massachusetts listed for $275,000
A home for sale in Massachusetts is gaining attention online because of its unusual location: It's on a boat, but it's "not a houseboat."
Archeologists uncover remains of 16th century manor house in England
Archeologists clearing land for the high speed HS2 train line have unearthed the remnants of stunning gardens belonging to a 16th century manor house.
House to vote on resolution calling to remove Trump by 25th Amendment
The House is set to vote on a resolution that calls on Vice President Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove President Donald Trump from office.
House votes to override Trump’s veto of defense bill
The Democratic-controlled House voted overwhelmingly to override US President Donald Trump’s veto of a defense policy bill, setting the stage for what would be the first veto override of his presidency.
Sussex auction house sells £200 painting for £52,000
The 18th century oil on wood panel portrait of a man with a bugle was one of the lots up for sale at Burstow and Hewett’s final auction of 2020.
Bear opens front door, goes into house to look for pizza
Security cameras at a home in Ontario, Canada, were recording when a black bear walked in through the front door and foraged for pizza.
US House passes 'George Floyd' police reform bill
The US House of Representatives passed a sweeping police reform bill that currently has little prospect of becoming law amid partisan gridlock.
ECB's house price headache too big to solve
What if vital inflation data used to justify trillions of euros worth of central bank stimulus to support Europe's economy is flawed?
Iran to rebuild 30,000 houses in Syria
Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development Mahmoud Mahmoudzadeh said on Sunday that Iran and Syria signed a memorandum of understanding based on which Iranian private sector will rebuild 30,000 houses in different cities of Syria.
US House votes to limit Trump's military options against Iran
The Democratic-led House of Representatives voted on Thursday to approve two measures that will constrain President Donald Trump’s ability to go to war with Iran.
US House renews push for Pompeo Iran testimony, subpoena threat
A US House of Representatives committee renewed a threat to subpoena Secretary of State Mike Pompeo if he does not provide information about Iran policy and President Donald Trump’s ordering of the strike that assassinated an Iranian military commander.
House votes to limit Trump's military action against Iran without congressional approval
The House of Representatives on Thursday voted to approve a resolution aimed at restraining US President Donald Trump's ability to use military action against Iran without congressional approval, CNN reported.
Pelosi: US House to vote on curbing Trump powers over Iran escalation
US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the lower chamber of Congress will introduce and vote on a war powers resolution this week to limit President Donald Trump’s military actions regarding Iran.

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