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China says most rocket debris burned up during reentry
China’s space agency said a core segment of its biggest rocket reentered Earth’s atmosphere above the Maldives in the Indian Ocean and that most of it burned up early Sunday.
Iran plans to deploy naval flotillas to Indian Ocean
The Iranian Navy’s commander unveiled plans for the constant deployment of naval flotillas to the Indian Ocean by taking advantage of a new homegrown auxiliary ship.
Army to stage massive military drill in southern waters
The Iranian Army forces will stage a large-scale military exercise in the Sea of Oman and parts of the Indian Ocean using a combination of new equipment.
Security in Indian Ocean guarantees global economic interests: Cmdr.
Second day of Iran’s joint military drills with Russia, China
Daesh turning to Indian Ocean region: Report
Terrorists from the Daesh group are likely to conduct attacks in India and Sri Lanka, a report says, citing intelligence.
Researchers found traces of ancient seawater in Indian Ocean
The Earth we know today looked completely different almost 20 millennia ago when the planet was in the middle of an ice age.
Groundbreaking Indian Ocean science mission reaches an end
The British-led Nekton scientific mission on Thursday completed a seven-week expedition in the Indian Ocean aimed at documenting changes beneath the waves that could affect billions of people in the surrounding region over the coming decades.
Navy commander: Iran to stage military drill in Indian Ocean
Iranian naval forces plan to stage a large-scale drill in the Indian Ocean to boost and put on display the country’s military prowess, a senior commander said.
‘China deploys warships to East Indian Ocean’ amid rivalry with India
A Chinese news portal said 11 Chinese warships have entered the East Indian Ocean this month, in what seems to have been a show of strength amid a rivalry in the region with India and a crisis in the Maldives.
Polish sailor rescued after 7 months drifting in Indian Ocean
The French coast guard has rescued a Polish sailor in the Indian Ocean who says he spent seven months with only his cat for company in a broken-down boat.
Iran Navy flotilla to set sail for Indian Ocean next month
A flotilla of Iranian warships will set sail for the Indian Ocean next month in a bid to ensure security for the country's cargo ships in the high seas.
Stranded Iranian fishermen rescued in Indian Ocean
Six Iranian fishermen stranded in the Indian Ocean have been rescued by Kenyan maritime police after three months.
Iran-Oman rescue and relief drills kick off
Iran and Oman joint rescue and relief operation started in the Indian Ocean on Monday.
Iran, Oman to hold joint naval drills in Indian Ocean: Commander
The naval forces of the Islamic Republic and Oman will hold five-day joint rescue and relief drills in Iran’s southern waters and the northern areas of the Indian Ocean, an Iranian commander says.

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