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Menu from 1913 found in rafters of British cafe
Workers doing renovations on a cafe in England made a surprising discovery inside the ceiling – a menu from the restaurant that occupied the building in 1913.
Flock of giant California condors trash woman’s home
Giant California condors are rare – but not at Cinda Mickols’ home. About 15 to 20 of the giant endangered birds have recently taken a liking to the house in the city of Tehachapi in the US state of California and made quite a mess.
Fresh pizza vending machine prompts curiosity and horror in Rome
Raffaele Esposito, the 19th century Neapolitan credited with inventing Italy’s most famous type of pizza, may be turning in his grave: Rome has a new vending machine which slides out freshly cooked pizzas in just three minutes.
Pigeon towers of Iran, an amazing example of architectural theme and variation
Pigeon towers are among the amazing monuments in Iran, especially scattered on the suburbs of the country’s central city of Isfahan.
Abgoosht also known as dizi, the narration of Iranian family ceremonies
Every nation has its comfort and social foods. Dishes play an influential role as a social object that interacts with people at the table. These recipes are more than just something to eat.
Makhrageh Salt Lake, a natural mirror in Iran
Makhrageh Salt Lake or Makhrageh Lake of Shahr-e Babak in Kerman Province is known as the largest natural mirror in Iran.
Holy shrine of Shah Cheragh in Shiraz
Shah Cheragh (King of the Light) is a major mausoleum and pilgrimage site in Shiraz in the southern province of Fars.
The darling reverse tulips of May in central Iran
The reverse tulips are one of the most beautiful and amazing flowers found in central Iran during May and June.
Persian Gardens – the beauty of traditional Iranian architecture
When you travel to Iran, you will notice that Iranians love outing and spending some time in nature. Regardless of the climate, they will find a place to picnic under the shade of large trees. This love for nature could be one of the reasons Persian Garden emerged and became such an important element in Iranian urbanism, wrote.
Rig-e Yalan, a must-see Iranian desert for tourists
Rig-e Yalan is a pristine and wonderful region home to the world’s highest sand dunes which measure up to 500 meters in height.
National Museum of Holy Qur’an in Tehran
Tehran’s National Museum of Holy Qur’an is the only specific museum of Iran dedicated to the Qura’nic arts.

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