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The Iranian Synthesis: An Identity Reborn
After the Islamic conquest, there were major changes in the written languages used in Iran. The literary Persian of the Sassanid Period, written in the Pahlavi script, continued in use, particularly among Zoroastrians, but as more and more of the population converted to Islam, the literate among them adopted Arabic as their written language, even as they continued to speak Persian and other Iranian languages. Indeed, as already noted, Iranian intellectuals contributed a great deal to the development of Arabic literature in many fields.
Poetry, a significant part of Iranian culture
Iranian culture is closely linked to classical Persian poetry, which in turn is related to mysticism. In fact, many poets who composed in Persian were practicing mystics themselves. Between the 12th and the 15th centuries, an illustrious line of poets, including Sana’ei, Omar Khayyam, Attar, Rumi, Hafez, Sa’di and Jami, created poetic masterpieces that transcend their time and place.
Polite behavior: A second nature to Iranian people
As members of families and other social networks, Iranians maintain a large number of relationships, all of which must conform to expected rules of behavior. Starting at a very young age, Iranians are socialized to follow the unwritten rules of the culture and polite behavior that then become second nature to them. They grow up understanding the main reason why they should do so: As a religious duty to behave with respect and cordiality toward others in order to nurture positive and rewarding relationships. Without these, families and other social networks could not function effectively or promote their members’ interests.
Many Spaniards interested in learning Persian language
Nazia Barani, Iranian professor at University of Salamanca:
By Sadeq Dehqan
Religious minorities have always supported revolution
Sameyah, Iranian-Jewish lawmaker:
During the past several years, the media outlets that oppose the Islamic Republic of Iran have claimed that religious minorities are discriminated against in Iran, and they cannot freely hold their religious rituals or partake in political and social affairs.
Top nine Iranian museums
Some of the best spots for those interested in Iranian culture and art are the lavish museums of the country! Featuring ancient history, rich culture, and elaborate arts, the museums are the unmissable treasures of the antique country.
Iranian, Russian FMs reaffirm determination to bolster all-out ties
The Iranian and Russian foreign ministers reaffirmed both countries’ determination to bolster relations in all areas following the historic two-day visit by Iran’s President Seyyed Ebrahim Raeisi to Moscow.
Iranian radars can track any flying object: Commander
Iran's Air Defense Force is the best in the region in defense capability, said its chief commander, adding any flying object can be tracked by the Islamic Republic's homegrown radars.

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