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Iranian architecture in pre-Islamic period
Examples of prehistoric and pre-Islamic architecture of Iran are found in ancient huts, remnants of old towns and villages, fortresses, temples and fire temples, mausoleums and palaces, dams and bridges, bazaars, highways and roads, towers and outposts, garden pavilions, and monuments. The earliest forms of architecture known in Iran include peasant huts and farming hamlets. These structures were made of mud bricks and mortar and featured painted walls.
Over 2,800 rare Islamic coins unveiled at Louvre Abu Dhabi
Louvre Abu Dhabi unveiled a rare treasure of Islamic silver coins – the Hoard of Jazira – the subject of a major two-year project at the museum.
Candlestick becomes most expensive Islamic metalwork
Probably made in Iraq in the late 13th century, an Ilkhanid gold and silver-inlaid brass candlestick has been in a European private collection since the 1960s and on loan at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, since 2017. It surfaced at Sotheby’s on October 27 where it doubled hopes to sell at £5.6m. It sold for £6.63m.
Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum offers unparalleled historical works
From Ayyubids, Umayyads and Seljuks to Ottomans and Turks, spanning more than a millennium, the last museum to be established during the Ottoman Empire period, the Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum (TIEM) in Istanbul, is one of the most important museums for early Islamic, Seljuk and Ottoman-era collections, shining a light on years of history.
Islamic calligraphy via modern techniques
Islamic calligraphy carries a lot of importance for Muslims across the globe. Owing to its importance and growing demand, Islamic calligraphy is taught as a subject in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Pakistan.
COVID-19 necessitates networking among Islamic countries
Prominent scientists and health activists from over ten countries worldwide gathered on the second day of the 7th Science and Technology Exchange Program (STEP) on Thursday to address "Scientific and Technological Collaboration Facing Coronavirus Challenge."
Half of Malaysia’s banking assets to be Islamic in next decade
Malaysia can expect half of its banking assets to be Islamic by 2030 as the industry’s growth outpaces conventional banking, according to a lenders’ association.
Islamic Jihad fighter dies of wounds sustained in recent Israeli strikes on Gaza
A Palestinian fighter of the Islamic Jihad resistance movement has died of wounds he had sustained in November 13 attacks by the Israeli military against the besieged Gaza Strip.
World’s rarest and most valuable Islamic coin to be auctioned
One of the world’s rarest and most highly-prized of all Islamic gold coins is to be offered for auction in London on October 24.
The calligrapher and the city: Islamic ink at the Met
In sunny days, natural light pours into the Beaux-Arts facade of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and bounces off the white marble of ancient Greek statues. Young artists patiently sketch the immortal contours in the undying tradition of mimesis as millions of curious eyes wander past in the search of visions that, whether made in the last month or 5,000 years ago, may change them for a lifetime, fulfilling the great human need to exercise the aesthetic mind.

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