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Israeli forces demolish Palestinian home in Sheikh Jarrah
Israeli forces destroyed the home of a Palestinian family in Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood in occupied East Al-Quds, days after the family tried to stave off the demolition by threatening to blow up the house.
Ex-Israeli PM: Notion of destroying Iran's nuclear capabilities pure ‘nonsense’
The former Israeli prime minister dismissed any possibility of any attack on Iran's nuclear facilities by the regime, saying that such a notion is “nonsense”.
Iran vows to defend itself forcefully against Israeli aggression
Iran’s foreign minister hit back at Israel's foreign minister, Yair Lapid, for his “disturbing remarks” against the Islamic Republic, vowing that the country will defend itself with power against any aggression.
Soleimani’s assassination backfired on US, Israel
The US assassination of Iran’s top commander General Qassem Soleimani has backfired on Washington and Tel Aviv as they have “failed abysmally” to achieve their objective of pushing Tehran back.
Palestinian Ministry: Israel approved 12,000 settler units in Al-Quds in 2021
Israel approved plans for the construction of thousands of settler units and demolished dozens of Palestinian-owned buildings in occupied Al-Quds last year, the Palestinian Authority said Sunday.
Israeli strike sets ablaze Syrian port of Latakia
An Israeli airstrike hit Syria's Latakia port before dawn on Tuesday, sparking a fire that lit up the Mediterranean seafront in the second such attack on the key cargo hub this month, Syrian official media reported.
Enemy cannot afford to test Iran’s might: Senior commander
A senior Iranian military commander on Tuesday advised the enemy not to test the might of Iran’s Armed Forces, saying it will not be able to bear the costs of an all-out confrontation with the Islamic Republic.
Syria, Arab League condemn Israeli settlement plans in Golan Heights
Syria and the Arab League criticized Israel’s plans to expand its settlements in the occupied Syrian Golan Heights.
145 NGOs urge UN to provide protection to Palestinians against Israeli settlers’ attacks
The Palestinian NGOs Network urged the United Nations to provide international protection for Palestinian civilians against attacks conducted by Israeli settlers who are backed by the military.
Syrians decry Israel plan to double settlers in occupied Golan Heights
Hundreds of Syrians on Monday denounced an Israeli plan to double the settler population in the Golan Heights, saying they will put up resistance and steadfastness to thwart Tel Aviv’s schemes aimed at displacement of local community and construction of more illegal settlements there.
Palestinians: End Israeli settler ‘terrorism’ or expect new intifada
The Palestinian Authority urged the international community to intervene to protect Palestinians in the face of increasing settler violence that has left hundreds injured in the West Bank in recent days.
Open-ended UNHRC war crime probe against Israel backed by 125 countries
An overwhelming majority of 125 countries backed an unprecedented open-ended war crime investigation by the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) against Israel, including into the 11-day Israeli deadly aggression on the besieged Gaza Strip earlier this year.
Church leaders in Al-Quds slam Israel for anti-Christian bias, failure to stop attacks on holy sites
Patriarchs and heads of churches in the occupied Al-Quds say extremist Jewish groups are trying to drive Christians out of the holy city, arguing that Israeli authorities have failed to curb assaults against members of the religious community and desecration of their sites.
At least 125 Palestinians injured after Israeli raid village in West Bank
At least 125 Palestinians were wounded in violent attacks by Israeli forces after hundreds of Israeli settlers attempted to break into and raid a village near the occupied West Bank city of Nablus.
Iran: UNSC must compel Israel to end occupation of Golan, stop aggression against Syria
Iran's Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN Zahra Ershadi said the United Nations Security Council must act to force Israel to end the occupation of Syria’s Golan Heights and aggression against the country.

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