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Iran dismisses US deadline for Vienna talks as ‘fabricated’
As the remaining parties to the 2015 nuclear deal prepare to continue negotiations in the Austrian capital to revive the pact, Iran dismissed attempts by the United States to set a deadline for the Vienna negotiations to bear fruit, calling it "fabricated".
JCPOA experts discuss sanctions removal in Vienna
EU’s Mora hails delegations’ ‘commitment to success’
EU’s Borrell: Deal on JCPOA revival 'possible'
Iran urges West ‘realistic approach’ in Vienna talks
Raeisi: Iran’s efforts to offset sanctions not tied to Vienna talks
Russia: ‘Real progress’ made in JCPOA talks, warns of opponents’ provocations
Iran: West foot-dragging prolonging negotiations
Russia: JCPOA talks underway in ‘varying geometry’; chances of solution increase
Iran says seeking ‘lasting, reliable deal’ in Vienna talks
Iran said on Monday that it wants a “lasting and reliable” agreement in the ongoing negotiations in the Austrian capital city of Vienna to restore the 2015 deal to its original form.
Intense talks held in Vienna for lifting US sanctions
Russia: All sides agree progress made for JCPOA revival
Good progress made in Vienna on sanctions removal, verification: Iran
Iran’s top negotiator said on Thursday that good progress has been made during the latest round of talks in Vienna aimed at reviving the 2015 nuclear deal with regard to the removal of sanctions and subsequent verification of sanctions removal.
US options at Vienna talks
By Mojtaba Koohsari*

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