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Kenya in close presidential election amid prayers for peace
Kenyans voted Tuesday in a presidential election, where a longtime opposition leader who is backed by the outgoing president faces the brash deputy president who styles himself as the outsider and a “hustler.”
Bus plunges into Kenyan river valley, kills 34 people
Thirty-four people died in central Kenya after their bus veered off a bridge and plunged into a river valley, local media reported on Monday.
Iran offers to assist Kenyan NTBFs
After opening an innovation and technology center in Kenya, Iranian Vice President for Science and Technology Sorena Sattari offered to share the experience of Iran’s domestic new technology-based firms (NTBFs) with their Kenyan peers.
The Burundian refugee soap maker who is fighting coronavirus in Kenya
When Innocent Havyarimana started his soap-making business in Kenya's Kakuma refugee camp in early 2015, he was trying to move on from the traumatic events that had made him flee his native Burundi a year earlier.
Iranian ‘Sailors Never Go to Sea Alone’ wins at KISFF
The 2020 Kenya International Sports Film Festival (KISFF) awarded the Iranian documentary, ‘Sailors Never Go to Sea Alone,’ with the Diploma of Honor.
Kenya's lakes rise to destructive highs
Peering into the lake, the village elder struggled to pinpoint where beneath the hyacinth and mesquite weeds lay the farm he lived in his entire life until the water rose like never before and swallowed everything.
Kenya eyes tourism rebound
Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta said earlier this month that the country's tourism, the sector hit hardest by COVID-19, was now on a recovery path after months of downturn.
Kenya says tourism on recovery path amid COVID-19 pandemic
Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta said the country's tourism sector, worst hit by COVID-19 was now on a recovery path after months of slump.
Kenya reopens for tourism, but you can watch the Great Migration on video
Kenya opened its borders for international tourism on August 1st right in the middle of the annual Great Migration starting in Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park and culminating in Kenya’s Maasai Mara National Reserve.
Pregnant women at risk of death in Kenya’s coronavirus curfew
Veronica Atieno remembers feeling her way through the dark alleys between the shacks that make up Nairobi’s slums, picking her way past raw sewage and rusty, razor-sharp metal roofing with trepidation.
Kenya wildlife reserves threatened as tourists stay away
In the majestic plains of the Maasai Mara, the coronavirus pandemic spells economic disaster for locals who earn a living from tourists coming to see Kenya's abundant wildlife.
4G Internet balloons take off over Kenya
A network of giant Internet-enabled balloons from Google's sister firm Loon is to provide Internet access to remote areas of Kenya.
Kenya launches policy document to help deal with cancer
Kenya's Ministry of Health launched Kenya Cancer Policy 2019-2030 to help address the growing burden of disease in the country.
Swarms of locusts devastate parts of northern Kenya
The branches on trees around Kenya’s northern town of Lodwar have been stripped bare of leaves, bending downwards under the weight of voracious young locusts.

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