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Ukraine's Kherson still Russian 'subject' despite withdrawal: Kremlin
The Kremlin said Friday that the city of Kherson in southern Ukraine was still part of Russia even though Moscow announced it had finished pulling back its troops from the city in southern Ukraine.
Kremlin: Ukrainian war crimes claims are a lie
The Kremlin on Monday rejected allegations that Russian forces had committed war crimes in Ukraine's Kharkiv Province as a "lie".
US adding fuel to the fire with new arms supplies: Kremlin
The Kremlin on Wednesday accused Washington of "adding fuel to the fire" by planning to supply Ukraine with advanced missile systems.
Kremlin accuses Ukraine of ‘contradictory’ statements on peace talks
The Kremlin said on Friday that it blames Ukraine for the fact that peace talks between the two countries are frozen, saying it was unclear what Kyiv wanted.
Kremlin: G7 using Russia's reserves for Ukraine would be 'outright theft'
The Kremlin said on Tuesday it would be "outright theft" for the Group of Seven economic powers and European Union to seize Russia's frozen reserves and spend them on behalf of Ukraine.
No gas supply for entities under Russian sanctions, says Kremlin
Foreign energy companies subject to Moscow’s retaliatory sanctions will no longer be able to receive gas supplies from Russia, a top official said.
No need for diplomatic ties with West: Russia’s Medvedev
Kremlin says Ukraine prolonging conflict by refusing talks
Kremlin says weapons deliveries raising tension around Ukraine
The Kremlin on Wednesday said tension around Ukraine was increasing, pointing to weapons deliveries, military manoeuvres and NATO aircraft flights, something it said Russia's international partners should pay attention to.
Kremlin: No ultimatums, but Russia needs concrete answers on security from West
Russia is not making ultimatums in its negotiations with the West but needs concrete answers regarding its security concerns, the Kremlin said on Wednesday as talks took place with NATO in Brussels.
Putin says he hasn't decided whether to run again for president in 2024
Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday he had not yet decided whether to run for a new six-year term in the Kremlin when his current term ends in 2024.
Kremlin says NATO expansion in Ukraine crosses Russia’s red lines
Expansion of NATO military infrastructure in Ukraine crosses Russia’s red lines, the Kremlin said on Monday, saying Russia and Belarus would act to protect their own security.
Kremlin says ‘provocations’ like UK warship episode demand tough response
A British warship’s entry into Russian territorial waters near Crimea last month is the kind of provocation that demands a tough response, the Kremlin said on Sunday.
Kremlin says summit will not stop US trying to contain Russia
The Kremlin said on Monday it did not expect the United States to stop trying to "contain" Russia after a summit of their leaders, and that it was important for the two powers to be pragmatic amid talk of new US sanctions.
Kremlin says flight disruptions between Russia, EU 'technical'
The cancelation of several European flights to Moscow after air carriers said they would not fly over Belarus was due to purely technical reasons, the Kremlin said Friday.

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