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Religious minorities have always supported revolution
Sameyah, Iranian-Jewish lawmaker:
During the past several years, the media outlets that oppose the Islamic Republic of Iran have claimed that religious minorities are discriminated against in Iran, and they cannot freely hold their religious rituals or partake in political and social affairs.
Senior Iranian MP calls for ‘tough action’ against Israel for sabotage
The chairman of the Parliament’s Energy Committee said Iran should take ‘tough action’ in response to an act of sabotage at the Natanz nuclear facility earlier this month, which Iran has blamed on Israel.
Iranian MP: Unfreezing funds may lead to South Korean ship release
A move by South Korea toward releasing $7 billion in frozen Iranian funds may affect Iran’s Judiciary’s decision to resolve the seizure of a Korean ship being held for environmental pollution, a senior Iranian lawmaker said.
Iran will expel UN inspectors unless sanctions are lifted: Lawmaker
Iran will expel United Nations nuclear watchdog inspectors unless sanctions are lifted by a Feb. 21 deadline set by the parliament, a lawmaker said on Saturday.
Massachusetts lawmaker wants to name official state dinosaur
A Massachusetts State lawmaker is asking for the public’s help to select an official state dinosaur.
Former US lawmaker registered as lobbyist for Emirates in Washington
A former US congresswoman has been registered as a foreign agent for the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to lobby US officials regarding “export controls and sanctions, and foreign and defense policies.”
Patriot missile system deployment violates Iraq sovereignty: Lawmaker
An Iraqi legislator has condemned US plans to install Patriot missile systems in the Arab country, saying such deployment violates Iraq’s sovereignty.
Protests as Tunisian MP accused of indecency sworn in
Tunisian women have protested outside parliament against the swearing in of a newly elected lawmaker who was caught in an indecent video.
US Rep. Schiff: Bolton key ‘witness' in impeachment inquiry against Trump
A top US House lawmaker wants former National security adviser John Bolton to testify in an impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump.
Trump defends ‘racist’ attack on black US lawmaker
US President Donald Trump defended Sunday his latest attack on a prominent African-American lawmaker in comments that drew more accusations of racism.
Lawmaker blasted for saying US might look like South America
A veteran Arizona legislator apologized while defending herself from criticism for comments she made on immigration and birth rates.
Senior lawmaker: May should set resignation date next week
British Prime Minister Theresa May should set a date for her departure next week when she meets leaders of an influential group of Conservative lawmakers to address her future, the group’s chairman said on Saturday.
Senior lawmaker quits UK ruling party over Brexit failure
A senior lawmaker of the British parliament has decided to leave the Conservative Party over what he calls a lack of compromise on how the ruling party should lead Britain out of the European Union.

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