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COVID-19 patients suffer long-term lung and heart damage but it can improve with time
COVID-19 patients can suffer long-term lung and heart damage but, for many, this tends to improve over time, according to the first, prospective follow-up of patients infected with the coronavirus, presented at the European Respiratory Society International Congress.
Long-term obesity tied to higher dementia risk in healthy older adults
Healthy older adults who have been obese for years may be at higher risk of developing dementia than their peers who aren’t overweight, research from the UK suggested.
Japan's top MOF official: low long-term rates hurting banks
Japan’s top finance ministry bureaucrat said on Friday that domestic financial institutions were facing severe strain as long-term interest rates remained low due to the Bank of Japan’s massive monetary stimulus.
Long-term use of clonidine may not be safe for patients on hemodialysis
Clonidine demonstrated short-term efficacy in lowering blood pressure in patients on hemodialysis; however, there was no evidence to support its long-term use and safety concerns, according to data presented at ANS Kidney Week, here.
Long-term tablet use causes attention problems in children
While the progress of technology and its accessibility improves our lives, it may also impede communication skills in children, and tablets and smart phone use should be very limited for children of all ages.
Long-term unemployment in South Korea hits highest level
The number of long-term South Korean unemployed jobseekers, those unable to find work for over six months, exceeded 150,000 in the first quarter of this year, the highest tallied in 18 years, Statistics Korea said.
Long-term monitoring is essential to effective environmental policy
Environmental policy guided by science saves lives, money, and ecosystems. So reported a team of eleven senior researchers in Environmental Science & Policy.
How odors are turned into long-term memories
The neuroscientists Dr. Christina Strauch and Dr. Denise Manahan-Vaughan from the Ruhr-Universidad Bochum have investigated which brain area is responsible for storing odors as long-term memories. Some odors can trigger memories of experiences from years back, reported.
Lotos eyeing long-term Iran oil supply deal
Poland's second-biggest refiner Lotos says it is looking into sealing a long-term oil supply deal with Iran.
Iran working on long-term oil sales plan
Iran says it is working on a plan that guarantees long-term purchases of its crude oil by European clients in a post-sanctions era.
Long-term global warming not driven naturally
By examining how Earth cools itself back down after a period of natural warming, a study by scientists at Duke University and NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory confirms that global temperature does not rise or fall chaotically in the long run. Unless pushed by outside forces, temperature should remain stable.
Studies address long-term health of living kidney donors
While it's important to monitor the health of recipients following kidney transplantation, it's equally important to assess the ongoing health of living donors who have generously given up an organ. Several studies address various aspects of donor health.
Iran welcomes long-term German investment
Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade Mohammad Reza Nematzadeh announced here Sunday that Iran welcomes any long-term investment by Germany in the industrial sectors.
Head injury tied to long-term attention lapses
Children who suffer even mild brain injuries may experience momentary lapses in attention long after their accident, new research found.

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