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Australian man missing for 18 days 'survived on mushrooms'
An Australian man was forced to live off wild mushrooms and water from a dam for three weeks after getting lost in the bush with his dog when their car got stuck in the mud.
Man helps reunite lost family memorabilia to its rightful owners in US
Connecting lost family memorabilia to their family members is the goal of one man in the Ozarks, Missouri, US.
Man sparks outrage in Germany as he says 'kids sitting in trolleys should be banned'
A supermarket shopper in Germany has been slammed by parents online after he said that 'kids inside trolleys should be banned'.
US man 'had the audacity' to make himself a pizza as he stole from pizzeria, police say
A man accused of breaking into a restaurant in California and making himself a meal while stealing from the establishment is in police custody, according to local reports and police.
Old man pulled out alive after 34 hours in Turkey as quake toll hits 64
Rescue workers extricated a 70-year-old man from a collapsed building in western Turkey on Sunday, some 34 hours after a strong earthquake in the Aegean Sea struck Turkey and Greece, killing at least 64 people and injuring more than 900.
Man falls in 'love at first sight' with cute bear
Conservationist Giles Clark, 42, who features in Bears About the House on BBC2, has been rescuing Sun and Moon bears from the bear bile industry.
British man jailed for trying to steal Magna Carta
A British man was jailed for attempting to steal a priceless 1215 original version of Magna Carta, which has defined rights and liberties around the world.
Kerala woman runs after bus to help visually impaired man board it
A woman in Kerala was filmed running behind a bus to flag it down and help an elderly, visually impaired man board it in a video that is winning hearts on social media. The video, which has gone massively viral online, showed the woman running after the bus and requesting the conductor to wait for a bit so the man could board it.
Man in India divorces wife over quarantine tiff
A man from Bihar divorced his wife through triple talaq, because she had reportedly suggested that he stay at the local quarantine center before entering home.
Man in China learns it doesn't pay to bury cash
A Chinese man who buried hundreds of thousands of dollars five years ago is learning the hard way there may be better ways to store his life savings, according to local reports.
Man, dog and five camels rescued by police after they fell down a steep slope in Australia
A man, his dog and five pet camels have been rescued after a tense four-hour rescue operation.
Man really misses hairdresser after 'confident' wife gives him awful  ‘Dumb and Dumber’ cut
With many countries still on lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, a number of people have had a go at cutting their own hair, some experiencing disastrous results.
Man trapped in rocks had 'rescued toddler from sea'
A man who had to be rescued after he got trapped in rocks had saved a toddler from the water as the tide came in on the Norfolk coast, Britain.
Resurgent Man City resumes title quest against in-form Wolves
Pep Guardiola's rejuvenated Manchester City faces a potentially tricky challenge at home to Wolverhampton Wanderers today as it continues its Premier League title defense.
Brain cancer kills men more often, more quickly than women: Study
A new study showed that men are more likely than women to die of brain cancer because of fundamental differences in the way the cancer develops, with important implications for the future of treatment.

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