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Iran criticizes NATO chief’s remarks as 'misguided,' or 'irresponsible spinning of facts'
Iran’s mission to the European Union has vehemently condemned recent statements by the secretary general of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) on the need for Iran to fully implement its obligations under its safeguard agreement with the UN nuclear watchdog.
Taliban aim to present written peace plan at talks as soon as next month
Karzai: NATO failed to defeat terrorism in Afghanistan
Russia tests Crimean air defence systems as Ukraine, NATO hold Black Sea drills
Russia tested the readiness of its air defence systems in Crimea as Ukraine and NATO countries held military drills in the Black Sea, the Interfax news agency reported on Tuesday.
Russia: NATO becoming global alliance to contain Moscow, Beijing
Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that a recent NATO summit held in Brussels confirmed that the bloc is being transformed into a global military and political alliance aimed at containing Russia and China.
Farewell to NATO
By Daniel Larison*
China urges NATO to stop exaggerating ‘threat theory’
Beijing urged NATO on Tuesday to stop exaggerating the “China threat theory” and "creating confrontation", after a vow from the Western allies to work together to counter challenges posed by its policies.
Russia to form 20 new military units in west to counter NATO
The Russian military will form 20 new units in the country’s west this year to counter a growing threat from NATO.
Keep Ukraine out of NATO
By Daniel Larison*
US says NATO forces to leave together from Afghanistan
A coalition of NATO-led troops in Afghanistan will leave the war-ravaged country in coordination with a planned US withdrawal by Sept. 11, Washington's top diplomat said on Wednesday.
Kremlin: Russian military movements near Ukraine pose no threat
The Kremlin said Russian military movements near its shared border with Ukraine posed no threat to Ukraine or anyone else and that Moscow moved troops around its country as it saw fit.
Ukraine says joint military drills with NATO to begin in a few months
Ukraine’s armed forces said joint military drills with NATO troops would begin in a few months’ time, a step that could stoke tensions with Moscow which has expressed its opposition to such a move.
Iraqi officials, scholars protest NATO plan to increase troops in country
Iraqi officials and religious scholars lambasted NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg’s latest remarks that the US-led military alliance plans to significantly increase its forces in the Arab country, describing the measure as unacceptable and unjustified.
NATO to expand Iraq mission eightfold to around 4,000 personnel
NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said the alliance decided to expand a NATO training mission in Iraq from 500 to around 4,000 personnel while defense ministers of member states held off on making a final decision on NATO's 9,600-strong support mission in Afghanistan.
EU, NATO make destructive statements on Belarus, says Lavrov
The European Union and NATO make destructive statements on Belarus, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Wednesday.

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