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Why obesity increases risk of cancer
A recent study shows that metabolic disturbances caused by obesity interfere with the elimination of cancer cells by the immune system and promote cancer development.
Hormone that switches off hunger may help treat obesity, study says
The hormone lipocalin-2, found naturally in humans and mice, could potentially treat obesity, a new study found.
Obesity, ageing population behind high COVID-19 fatality rate in Punjab, India
Large number of people suffering from noncommunicable diseases, obesity and increasing elderly population are the main reasons behind the high COVID-19 fatality rate in Punjab, India, experts maintained.
Immune system's response to COVID-19 may be altered by obesity
The severity of COVID-19 is generally mediated by the human body's immune response. Everyone's immunity is different — which is why reactions to the virus are so varied — and there are various genetic, environmental and chronic disease factors that can influence this response.
Probiotics may help manage childhood obesity, study finds
Probiotic supplements, when taken alongside a calorie-controlled diet, may help children and adolescents with obesity lose weight, according to new research.
Very low-carb diet found beneficial for elderly with obesity
A team of scientists determined if the very low-carbohydrate diet could help lower the risk of cardiovascular disease in the elderly population with obesity.
Key reasons UK’s obesity strategy may not work for everyone
COVID-19 has affected a disproportionate number of people with obesity in the UK. As such, the government has seen the pandemic as a ‘wake-up call’ to the health risks of living with obesity.
Britain unveils plans to tackle 'obesity time bomb'
Britain unveiled plans to tackle an “obesity time bomb” on Monday, banning TV and online adverts for junk food before 9:00 p.m., ending “buy one get one free” deals on such foods and putting calories on menus.
Doctors to prescribe bike rides to tackle UK obesity crisis
GPs will be encouraged to prescribe cycling as a way for patients to lose weight, as part of a new government strategy to tackle the nation’s obesity crisis.
Obesity increases risks from COVID-19, experts say
Being obese or overweight puts you at greater risk of serious illness or death from COVID-19, experts say after examining existing studies.
Public call for healthier measures introduced to control obesity, COVID-19 in UK
The majority of UK people want the government to take immediate action on obesity now that research has found it can worsen COVID-19 outcomes.
US high ranking for obesity, diabetes, heart disease not a good mix with coronavirus
The United States may lead the world in known coronavirus-related deaths not only because it is one of the largest countries, but also because it is among the least healthy among comparable nations when it comes to things like obesity, diabetes, hypertension and heart disease, reported.
Childhood obesity may increase bladder cancer risk
Adults who were overweight in childhood may be at greater risk of developing bladder cancer, according to a new study.
Nearly one in five US kids are obese, according to latest data
Nearly one in five US kids are obese, according to the latest national data.
Girls stay longer in school but obesity, suicide, sexual violence remain risks
Girls are far less likely to get married or drop out of school than ever before, but worryingly high rates of obesity, suicide and sexually transmitted infections underline how uneven global progress has been for them over the past 25 years, according to a report published on Wednesday.

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