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Russia hosting Persian music concert
Iranian vocalist Hossein Noursharq started his two-day concert of Persian music in Russia on May 31.
Persian miniature, where arts and artisanship meet
Persian Miniature is an art that brings the ability of depicting the whole nature in a small frame and basically refers to any delicate artistic phenomenon, regardless the way it has been created.
Persian date, a food from heaven
Date palms existed in Iran since ancient times. The date's exact origin is unknown, but it seems to be cultivated in Iran about 4,000 BCE. The palm tree is sacred; it is also interpreted as a sign of friendship, peace, and prosperity in Persian culture myths. They are a symbol of prosperity, fertility and ability to rise above conflicts. Once the tree's head is cut-off, it will no longer grow, and the trunk will start to become unstable and eventually die, just like human beings.
Persian, integral part of Afghan-Iranian identities: IRNA chief
Persian is the second language of the holy religion of Islam and is also the integral part of both Afghan and Iranian identities, said the managing director of the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA).
First exhibition of Persian musical instruments held in Beijing
A music exhibition titled, ‘A Taste of Music,’ featuring 100 Persian musical instruments, was held from December 29-30, at the Iranian Embassy in Beijing.
"Persian Garden", Iran’s lost paradise
Up to 100 years ago the Persian gardens had preserved their ancient characteristics, but ever since then gradually and parallel with the alteration of viewpoints they distanced from their noble identity and now you can trace no sign of a new Persian garden, although their appearance has somehow been preserved, but no perfect sample, or even move for the revival of that forgotten paradise is seen.

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