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Classical Persian literature
A vast amount of Persian prose literature, in fields ranging from history to philosophy, was produced during the pre-modern period. This prose literature certainly has its value, and much of it is in print and read by Iranians today.
New Persian: A richly expressive means of communication
New (or Modern) Persian is one of members of a great family of Iranian languages spoken across Asia in both ancient and modern times.
Persian pottery in first global age
Whether we are dazzled by the gleaming tile domes of Isfahan – an old city in central Iran – or the gem-like pages of the Shahnameh of Shah Tahmasp – one of the most famous illustrated manuscripts of the Shahnameh – or the lush silk brocades of Safavid robes, the 16th and 17th centuries stand out as one of the most brilliant periods in the history of Persian art.
Sizdah Bedar: Traditional Persian celebration of nature
From the ancient times different cultures used to celebrate their new year in different days. Likewise, Persian New year, which is known as Norouz, starts on either March 20 or 21 and its celebrations continue until the beginning of April.
Foreign students in Iran promoting Persian language: Deputy minister
The deputy minister of science, research and technology for international affairs said: "About 90,000 foreign students are studying in Iranian universities, who have an effective role in promoting Persian language and literature."
Persian tea: Most popular drink in Iran
Black tea, one of the most favorable drinks in the world, first discovered in China 5,000 years ago. They made it out of a plant shrub by the name of Camellia sinensis and called it cha.
Azarbaijan Museum in Tabriz hosts extensive collection of Persian history
Known as the second most important history museum of Iran (after National Museum of Iran), Azarbaijan Museum in Tabriz, East Azarbaijan Province, is a great place to see some of the significant objects that belong to the various historical periods of Iran.
Most popular Persian breads
Watching the process of baking Iranian bread in the bakeries is one of the best travel experiences you cannot miss. We highly recommend you go to a bakery and buy some bread in person at least once on your trip to Iran.
Most popular Persian breads
Persian bread, or “naan” in the Persian language, is the most important Iranian food consumed in all Iranian meals. Generally, Persian food is either eaten with rice or bread. For example, eating bread with cheese, walnut, or jam is very common for breakfast in Iran.
Carpet Museum of Iran, best place to learn about Persian carpets
Founded in 1976, the Capet Museum of Iran exhibits a variety of Persian carpets which date from the 15th century CE to the contemporary era. As one of the attractions of Tehran, the museum offers the perfect opportunity to familiarize oneself with the ancient Persian art of carpet weaving and its most exquisite examples. It is the best place to learn about Persian carpets and their fascinating history.

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