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‘No Politics’ can make a crisis emerge
University of Wisconsin political scientist Kennan Ferguson:
As part of a more extensive interview on his book ‘The Big No’ (University of Minnesota Press, 2022), we asked Kennan Ferguson, professor of political science at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, about his account of ‘No Politics’ and what it signifies. The whole interview will be soon published by Iran Daily.
Canada’s protests settle down, but could echo in politics
Most of the streets around the Canadian Parliament are quiet now. The Ottawa protesters who vowed never to give up are largely gone, chased away by policemen in riot gear. The relentless blare of truckers’ horns has gone silent.
Philippines’ Duterte announces retirement from politics
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte on Saturday announced he was retiring from politics and dropping plans to run for vice president in next year’s elections when his term ends, paving the way for his politician daughter to make a possible bid for the top post.
Nicola Sturgeon set to reshape the politics of the British Isles
Nicola Sturgeon is fighting her biggest political battle tomorrow as the outcome of the election is set to determine Scotland’s future for the rest of the century.
Algeria protesters demand army quit politics
Tens of thousands of Algerian protesters chanted slogans on Friday demanding the army quit politics, a purge of the ruling elite, an end to corruption, and the freeing of opposition leaders.
What does ‘prorogation' mean for Brexit and British politics?
Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s request for suspension of parliament is set to dramatically raise the stakes in the closing stages of the fraught Brexit process.
US used weakness in Polish politics to host anti-Iran summit: Analsyt
The United States was able to persuade Poland to jointly host an anti-Iran summit next month due to vulnerabilities in Polish politics, says an American writer and former professor.
Politics is a nasty business in America: Analyst
Politics is a nasty business in the United States where warring factions within organized Zionist interest groups go at each other’s throats, an American peace activist and political commentator says.
Draft Brexit deal sparks chaos in British politics: Analyst
British politics will be thrown “into chaos” for weeks to come as uncertainty grows over whether the government would be able to sell a draft deal it has reached with the European Union on leaving the bloc, says an academic and political commentator in London.
Saudi arrests could be more about 'power politics,' HRW warns
Human Rights Watch has voiced serious concern over recent arrests in Saudi Arabia, saying detention of prominent royals and businessmen under the banner of battling corruption could in fact be more a case of internal power politics.

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