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Australian senator slams ‘colonising’ Queen in oath
Australian Aboriginal Senator Lidia Thorpe branded Britain's Elizabeth II a "colonising" queen on Monday, as the recently elected lawmaker reluctantly swore allegiance while taking the oath of office.
Queen Victoria, Elizabeth II statues toppled in Canada amid anger at deaths of indigenous children
Statues of Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II have been toppled in Canada amid growing outrage over the discovery of unmarked graves belonging to indigenous children.
Captain Tom becomes Sir Tom Moore after receiving knighthood from Queen Elizabeth
Captain Tom Moore has become Captain Sir Tom Moore after receiving a knighthood from the queen in her first official engagement since lockdown.
Queen makes first public visit to MI5 HQ to raise declining morale
The Queen has publicly visited the headquarters of the Security Service, MI5, for the first time during her 66-year reign.
Britain's Prince Harry, wife to give up royal titles
Britain's Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle will give up their royal titles and public funding as part of a settlement with the Queen to start a new life away from the British monarchy.
Brexit is UK govt.’s Oct. 31 ‘priority’: Queen
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday set out his government's priorities at a parliamentary ceremony attended by the queen who identified Brexit as government’s top agenda at the end of October.
Is the Queen’s hand in Iraq and Parliament pushing taxpayers too far?
The Queen’s two biggest failures in recent decades – the Iraq War and the prorogation of Parliament – beg the question: have taxpayers had enough of the Monarchy?
Boris Johnson summons MPs for dramatic Parliamentary session on Saturday
Only one day after the Queen approved another suspension of the UK Parliament, the Government has summoned MPs to hold an emergency session on Saturday October 19 - the day after the make-or-break EU summit.
Boris Johnson 'will dare the Queen to SACK him'
The British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, is still gambling on winning his Brexit blame game.
Queen’s hand found in British politics, past and present
As a largely ceremonial head of state, Queen Elizabeth II is meant to remain above the fray of politics. But it comes as no surprise amid the Queen’s Brexit fiasco that a former prime minister revealed the Monarch had had a hand in swaying the 2014 vote of Scottish independence.
The Queen neglects her duty to defend Britain's 'unity'
As the British political system creaks under the weight of severe stresses brought about by Brexit-related issues, the monarch is nowhere to be seen.
UK PM sparks outrage with parliament suspension
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Wednesday announced the suspension of parliament in the final weeks before Britain's EU departure date, enraging anti-Brexit MPs.
The Queen tries to derail Scottish nationalism
On Holyrood’s 20th anniversary the British state is pulling out all the stops to co-opt this most important Scottish political institution. This culminated in the Queen’s visit to Holyrood yesterday where she spoke of her “great affection” for Scotland.
Egyptologist in Canada presents theory of two queen rule before Tutankhamun
Tutankhamun, the boy king of ancient Egypt, came to power only after two of his sisters jointly held the throne, according to an Egyptologist at Canada's Universite du Quebec a Montreal (UQAM).
UK Queen urges Britons to resolve Brexit crisis
The UK’s Queen Elizabeth has urged Britons to come together to “seek out the common ground,” a coded plea to the British political class to resolve the Brexit crisis that has shocked investors and allies alike.

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