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Rohingya refugees hold mass rally in Bangladesh to 'go home'
Tens of thousands of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh staged demonstrations on Sunday demanding repatriation back to Myanmar, where they fled a brutal military crackdown five years ago.
Rohingya boat with dozens of children lands in Indonesia's Aceh
A boat carrying more than one hundred Rohingya refugees, including dozens of children, landed on the coast of Indonesia's westernmost province Aceh early Sunday, police said.
Bangladesh authorities bulldoze 1,000 Rohingya shops
Bangladesh authorities demolished about 1,000 shops belonging to Rohingya in camps, with a rights worker saying the move would have a "huge impact" on refugees' livelihoods.
Virtual exhibition on Rohingya art, culture underway
A 21-day virtual exhibition of cultural objects and artworks representing the key aspects of Rohingya memories, experiences, and aspirations is organized by the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) and the Embassy of Bangladesh in the Netherlands.
Rohingya sue Facebook over Myanmar genocide
Facebook’s negligence facilitated the genocide of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar after the social media network’s algorithms amplified hate speech and the platform failed to take down inflammatory posts, according to legal action launched in the US and the UK.
Bangladesh plans to move 81,000 Rohingya to island after UN deal
Bangladesh wants to send more than 80,000 Rohingya refugees to a remote island in the Bay of Bengal after sealing an agreement for the United Nations to provide help, officials said Friday.
Rohingya children stage 'genocide' anniversary protest at Bangladesh camps
Hundreds of children on Wednesday defied a ban on protests at Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh to mark the fourth anniversary of a Myanmar military crackdown which sparked an exodus across the border, community leaders said.
Thousands displaced as floods hit Bangladesh Rohingya camps
Heavy monsoon rains triggered landslides and flash floods in refugees camps displacing thousands of Rohingya Muslims in southeastern Bangladesh this week, U.N. and other officials said on Friday, with further heavy rainfall expected.
HRW: UN may have put Rohingya ‘at risk’ by sharing data without consent
The UN may have put hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugees at risk of persecution or involuntary repatriation back to Myanmar after improperly collecting and sharing refugees’ personal information with Bangladesh, according to Human Rights Watch (HRW), which is urging an investigation.
Thousands of Rohingya protest against conditions on Bangladesh island
Several thousand Rohingya staged "unruly" protests Monday against living conditions on a cyclone-prone island off Bangladesh where they were moved from vast camps on the mainland, police said.
India urged to provide refuge to Rohingya adrift at sea
Human Rights Watch and Rohingya Muslim refugees in India urged the government on Monday to provide refuge to 81 Rohingya people whose boat has been drifting in the Andaman Sea for over two weeks.
India rescues 81 Rohingya on drifting boat, eight dead, one missing
India’s coastguard has found 81 survivors and eight dead on a boat crammed with Rohingya refugees adrift in the Andaman Sea, an Indian foreign ministry official said.
Myanmar's conflict-scarred Rohingya on edge with return of generals
Myanmar’s conflict-scarred Rohingya community are on edge with the return of military rule, fearing further violence in a restive part of the country where others have shown support for the new regime.
'Pray floods don't kill us': A day on Rohingya's remote Bangladesh island
As a Bangladeshi naval ship anchored off a remote Bay of Bengal island, some of the Rohingya Muslim refugees aboard clapped in anticipation of starting a new life on a piece of land that did not even exist two decades ago.
Bangladesh moves second group of Rohingya refugees to remote island
Bangladesh started moving a second group of Rohingya Muslim refugees to a low-lying island in the Bay of Bengal on Tuesday, despite opposition from rights groups worried about the new site's vulnerability to floods.

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