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Ukraine claims full control of key logistics hub
Ukraine on Sunday claimed full control of the eastern logistics hub of Lyman, Kyiv's most significant battlefield gain in weeks, providing a potential staging post for further attacks to the east while heaping further pressure on the Kremlin.
Iran, Russia auto parts manufacturers make good contracts
Good interactions and contracts have been made between Iran and Russia, said a member of the board of directors of the Iranian Association of Homogeneous Industries of Car Parts Making on Saturday.
Putin signs decree to annex four new regions to Russia
Russian President Vladimir Putin signed treaties on Friday to annex four Ukrainian regions.
Ukrainian regions vote to join Russia
Authorities in four Ukrainian regions under Russian control claimed victory Tuesday in referendums to join Russia, drawing global outrage, as Moscow warned it could use nuclear weapons to defend the territories.
EU sees sabotage in gas pipe leaks
Kremlin: Stupid to accuse Russia of causing leaks
Putin grants Russian citizenship to U.S. whistleblower Snowden
President Vladimir Putin signed a decree granting citizenship to Snowden, 39, the former U.S. intelligence contractor who was granted asylum in Moscow after he leaked secret files in 2013 that revealed vast domestic and international surveillance operations carried out by the National Security Agency.
Moscow-held regions of Ukraine vote to join Russia
Voting began in Russian-held regions of Ukraine on referendums to become part of Russia, Moscow-backed officials there said Friday.
Four Ukrainian separatist regions plan votes to join Russia
Russian-controlled regions of eastern and southern Ukraine announced plans Tuesday to start voting this week to become integral parts of Russia.
WADA still monitoring Russia ahead of expiration of ban: Agency chief
The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) are still monitoring testing operations in Russia ahead of the decision on whether to reinstate the country, despite complications caused by the Ukraine war, president Witold Banka said on Tuesday.
Russian trade delegation to discuss ties in Iran
A Russian trade delegation comprising 100 representatives from 65 companies are visiting Tehran to discuss the areas for cooperation with their Iranian counterparts, the spokesman of Iran’s Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade announced.
China's Xi urges Russia, other countries to work at preventing 'colour revolutions'
Chinese President Xi Jinping called on Russia and other members of a regional grouping to support each other in preventing foreign powers from instigating "colour revolutions".
Russia strikes Ukraine positions after Ukraine hit nuclear plant
Russia said it struck several of Ukraine’s positions in the wake of the shelling by the Ukrainian side of spots near Europe’s biggest nuclear power plant Zaporizhzhia.
Russian troops retreat after Ukraine counteroffensive
Ukrainian forces on Sunday pushed its counteroffensive in the country’s east, exploiting quick gains they made in a week of fighting that has sharply changed the course of the conflict.
Russia sends reinforcements to Kharkiv to fend off Ukrainian counterattack
Russia said on Friday it was sending reinforcements to the Kharkiv region in eastern Ukraine, where Kyiv says it has re-taken dozens of settlements as part of a broader counter-offensive.

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