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Yemeni drones, missiles hit Saudi refineries, military sites
Yemeni forces launched fresh attacks on targets deep in Saudi Arabia in retaliation for the kingdom’s ongoing aggression on their country.
Yemen defense minister: Saudi aggressors looking for escape from quagmire
Yemeni Defense Minister in the National Salvation Government Major General Muhammad Nasser al-Atifi said Saudi Arabia and its allies involved in the ongoing war on country are searching for ways to get out of the Yemen quagmire.
Iran: Riyadh taking PGCC hostage to spread hatred across region
Iran’s Foreign Ministry has criticized the final statement of the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council (PGCC), saying that Saudi Arabia has taken the PGCC hostage in order to spread hatred across the region.
Yemen: US must stop Saudi war, siege to set stage for political process
The spokesman for Yemen’s Houthi Ansarullah movement said the US administration is not sincere in its calls for the restoration of peace to the country, stressing that Washington must make the Saudi-led invaders end their aggression and siege against Yemen to set the stage for a real political process.
Yemeni forces closing in on Marib in key battle against Saudi-led militants
Yemeni forces are closing in on the strategic central city of Marib for a key battle against Saudi-led militants loyal to former president Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi and their Takfiri allies.
Yemeni forces hit 'sensitive' targets deep in Saudi territory
Yemeni defense forces said they launched massive retaliatory strike, featuring a ballistic missile and as many as nine drones, against “sensitive” spots in the Saudi capital amid an ongoing Riyadh-led war on the impoverished nation.
Yemenis stage nationwide protests against Saudi blockade
Tens of thousands of people staged rallies across Yemen in protest at the all-out Saudi blockade and closure of Sana’a International Airport, which have made it impossible for food and medical supplies to reach the poor in the war-torn country.
British arms sales prolonging Saudi war in Yemen, says Oxfam
Oxfam has accused the British government of prolonging the war in Yemen by allowing the export of air-to-air refueling equipment that it fears could be used to help the Saudi Air Force conduct indiscriminate bombing in the country.
Zarif hails Qatar’s success in resisting Saudi-led pressure
Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif hailed Qatar for its success in resisting Saudi-led pressure and extortion from a coalition of Arab countries.
Saudi agreement with Qatar proves siege, aggression policies reached dead end: Yemen
The Yemeni Houthi Ansarullah movement said Saudi Arabia’s decision to ease the blockade of Qatar and open its borders with the country proves the failure of the policies of siege and aggression.
Ports in aggressor states will be targeted if Saudi-led siege continues: Yemeni FM
Foreign Minister in the Yemeni National Salvation Government, Hisham Sharaf Abdullah, warned Saudi Arabia and its regional allies against continuation of the sea, land and air blockade on Yemen, stating that their ports and economically strategic sites will be targeted if such crippling measures are not abolished.
Yemen says may help protect Saudi ports if asked
In the wake of an explosion at a Saudi fuel transport terminal, a senior Yemeni official heaped heavy sarcasm on the kingdom over its failure to protect its ports, saying Yemen, if asked, may consider helping safeguard them.
Yemen: Saudi aggression in final stages after receiving successive blows
The spokesman for Yemeni Armed Forces said the Saudi military aggression against his country is in its “final stages” after suffering successive defeats at the hands of resistance forces.
New Saudi airstrikes on Sana'a airport out of despair, confusion: Ansarullah
Yemen’s popular Houthi Ansarullah movement roundly condemned the fresh round of Saudi airstrikes against Sana’a International Airport, stressing that the aerial assaults are being conducted out of utter despair and confusion of the Riyadh-led alliance.

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