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Rescuers recover migrants' wedding rings lost at Mediterranean Sea
On November 9, a migrant rescue boat came across a red backpack floating in the Mediterranean alongside other remains from a shipwreck that took place weeks before. The rucksack, covered with sea snails and reeking of petrol, contained two wedding rings, inscribed with the names Ahmed and Doudou.
Old man and the sea: Malaysian's mission to rid beaches of glass
A 74-year-old Malaysian man's quest to rid the country's beaches of washed-up glass led to a collection of thousands of bottles, now displayed in a colorful seaside museum.
Bizarre sea creatures found on UK beach could be worth a fortune
Remarkable pictures and videos show a rare sighting of thousands of bizarre and valuable sea creatures washed up on a beach.
Erdogan says won't compromise over rights at sea
Turkey is determined to do whatever is necessary to obtain its rights in the Black Sea, Aegean and Mediterranean, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Wednesday.
Boy, six, found face down in water after being swept out to sea on inflatable swan
A six-year-old boy was airlifted to hospital after being swept away from the beach and out to sea on an inflatable swan, North Wales Live reported.
Ancient 'Acropolis of the sea' opens to divers, guarded by high tech
Hidden and protected for millennia, an ancient shipwreck in Greece opens to the public for the first time on August 3, fusing archeological wonders in the depths of the sea with the marvels of modern-day artificial intelligence.
Scientists revive 100m-year-old microbes from the sea
Scientists have succeeded in reviving microbes retrieved from sediment deep under the seafloor in the heart of the South Pacific that had survived in a dormant state for 101.5 million years in research illustrating the resiliency of life on Earth.
Rohingya survivors tell of misery and death at sea
Rohingya refugee Shahab Uddin thought the wooden trawler he boarded in February would be his ticket out of a camp in Bangladesh to a better life in Malaysia.
US looks for spies at sea to take out Iran’s oil shipments
The US government said it plans to crank up its unprecedented pressure on Iran by targeting shippers, port officials and insurance companies that help in storing Iranian oil.
Study: Rising sea levels to destroy homes of 300m people by 2050
Rising sea levels are on track to affect about three times more people by 2050 than originally thought. New research suggests that 300 million homes will be affected by coastal flooding in the next 30 years.
Archeologists uncovering ancient fort’s secrets before it falls into sea
Archeologists in the UK are working to uncover the secrets of an ancient coastal hillfort before it falls into the sea.
Port plans to introduce 'sea bins' to clean up sea
A port will celebrate World Environment Day on Wednesday by introducing three eco-friendly projects.
US warship carrying F-35s crosses South China Sea to join drills in Philippines
A US navy warship carrying a fleet of F-35 stealth fighter jets has crossed South China Sea to join upcoming joint drills with Filipino naval forces, a move that could add up to ongoing tensions between Washington and Beijing over the US military presence in the region.
Iran, Oman launch direct sea route
Iran and Oman launched a direct sea route between their strategic ports which would facilitate trade exchanges between the two countries, said a senior official from Hormuzgan Province.

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