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Biden says 'democracy is fragile' after Trump acquitted
US President Joe Biden said on Saturday that the Senate's acquittal of former president Donald Trump for inciting an insurrection was a reminder that democracy was fragile.
Democrats on brink of US Senate control
Democrats won one US Senate race in Georgia and surged ahead in another on Wednesday, moving closer to a stunning sweep that would give them control of Congress and the power to advance President-elect Joe Biden's policy goals.
With US Senate at stake, Georgia votes in runoff elections
Control of the US Senate – and with it the ability to block or advance Democratic President-elect Joe Biden’s agenda – is on the line in a pair of runoff elections in Georgia on Tuesday after a dizzying campaign that shattered spending and early turnout records.
Pelosi secures another term as US House speaker, as Senate hangs in balance
Democrats returned Representative Nancy Pelosi of California to the House speakership on Sunday for what may be her final term, handing a tested leader control of the slimmest majority in almost two decades as Washington prepares for a new Democratic president.
US Senate control, Biden’s agenda at stake as Georgia runoff elections loom
Control of the US Senate — and with it, the likely fate of President-elect Joe Biden’s legislative agenda — will be on the ballot on Tuesday when voters in Georgia decide twin runoff elections.
American Latino museum awaits US Senate review
Although integral to the economy, represented on the Supreme Court and a vibrant force in American culture, the nearly 60 million-strong Latino population in the US is often overlooked in the narrative presented in the nation’s museums, many argue.
US Senate Democrats unveil $400 billion-a-year plan to tackle climate change
Senate Democrats unveiled a plan to tackle climate change that calls for the US government to spend more than $400 billion a year to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.
US Senate votes to restrain Trump on Iran
The US Senate voted Thursday to rein in President Donald Trump from attacking Iran, sharply rebuking his foreign policy a week after acquitting him in his impeachment trial.
Trump warns Senate not to curb his war authority on Iran
US President Donald Trump has warned the Senate against adopting a resolution that would curb his power to wage war against Iran, saying "it would allow Tehran to act with impunity."
Trump acquitted by Senate in impeachment trial
GOP-majority US Senate has voted to acquit US President Donald Trump of both articles of impeachment.
Lead House impeachment manager calls on Senate to remove Trump
Lead House impeachment manager Adam Schiff called dramatically for the Senate to remove President Donald Trump from office Thursday, saying the US leader cannot be trusted to put the country's interests ahead of his own.
US Senate rejects Democrats on documents, witnesses in Trump impeachment trial
The US Senate has approved a Republican plan for the rules governing the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump, but blocked attempts by Democrats to obtain evidence and call witnesses in the trial.
Trump trial opens with fiery clashes over witnesses
Republicans and Democrats battled over summoning high-level White House witnesses Tuesday in a marathon first day of arguments in US President Donald Trump's trial for abuse of power.
Pelosi to send Trump impeachment to Senate for historic trial
Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the US House will take steps next week to transmit the articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump, ending a three-week standoff, but confronting the Senate with only the third trial in US history to remove a chief executive.

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