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Shanghai reopens some public transport, still on high COVID alert
Shanghai reopened a small part of the world's longest subway system on Sunday after some lines had been closed for almost two months, as the city paves the way for a more complete lifting of its painful COVID-19 lockdown next week.
More Chinese cities tighten controls as Shanghai COVID cases rise
Shanghai reported a record number of symptomatic COVID-19 cases on Saturday and other areas across China tightened controls as the country kept up its "dynamic clearance" approach that aims to stamp out the highly transmissible Omicron variant.
Shanghai to ease lockdown in some areas despite record COVID infections
China's financial centre of Shanghai started easing lockdown in some areas from Monday, despite reporting a record of more than 25,000 new COVID-19 infections, as authorities strive to get the city moving again after more than two weeks.
China slams US virus accusations as Shanghai lockdown drags on
China blasted the United States for making "groundless accusations" about its COVID-19 policy, after surging cases in Shanghai prompted the American consulate to let some staff leave the locked-down megacity.
Xi praises China’s virus handling as Shanghai prepares 130,000 COVID beds
China’s President Xi Jinping praised the country’s “tested” zero-COVID strategy on Friday, even as Shanghai authorities prepared nearly 130,000 beds for COVID-19 patients amid surging cases and mounting public anger.
China reports 13,000 COVID cases, most since end of Wuhan's first wave
China reported 13,000 COVID cases on Sunday, the most since the peak of the first pandemic wave over two years ago, with Shanghai now the epicentre of the country's worst outbreak.
Chinese city locks down, Shanghai shuts schools as COVID spikes
A Chinese city of nine million was ordered into lockdown on Friday and Shanghai shut its schools as authorities scrambled to halt a COVID-19 outbreak that has pushed nationwide cases to their highest levels in two years.
World’s largest astronomy museum set to open in Shanghai
The world’s largest astronomy museum is opening in Shanghai, and its complex curvilinear shape was designed to reflect the geometry of the cosmos. With no straight lines or right angles used throughout, the structure is instead formed from three overlapping arcs that allude to the orbits of celestial bodies.
Iran’s ‘The Contrary Route’ wins two awards at Shanghai Int’l Film Festival
Iranian film ‘The Contrary Route,’ written, directed and produced by Abolfazl Jalili, won the Best Director and Best Actor (Pouyan Shekari) awards at the 24th Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF) in China which was held from June 11-20.
Shanghai book sales jump during Spring Festival
Reading was a major source of popular entertainment during the week-long Spring Festival holiday in Shanghai, with sales of many bookstores registering robust growth, according to the books and periodicals distribution association of Shanghai.
23rd Shanghai Int’l Film Festival to kick off on July 25
The 23rd Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF) will be held from July 25 to August 2, the event’s organizers announced Friday.
Shanghai to open China’s first press museum
China’s first press and publication museum will complete construction in 2021 in the eastern metropolis of Shanghai, local authorities said.
Shanghai grapples with strict new recycling laws
For the last two weeks, Shanghai residents have grappled with a singular question: “What kind of trash are you?”
Iran’s ‘Castle of Dreams’ sweeps triple awards at Shanghai film festival
China’s top film festival showered its highest three honors on the Iranian film ‘Castle of Dreams’.

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