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Poetry, a significant part of Iranian culture
Iranian culture is closely linked to classical Persian poetry, which in turn is related to mysticism. In fact, many poets who composed in Persian were practicing mystics themselves. Between the 12th and the 15th centuries, an illustrious line of poets, including Sana’ei, Omar Khayyam, Attar, Rumi, Hafez, Sa’di and Jami, created poetic masterpieces that transcend their time and place.
Vikings helped spread smallpox, 'hugely significant'
Archeology experts have discovered extinct strains of smallpox in Viking skeletons — proving for the first time the deadly disease plagued humanity for at least 1,400 years.
Hundreds of 'exceptionally significant' artefacts found in Australia
An archeologist has described stone tools found at the Griffith Base Hospital redevelopment site in New South Wales, Australia as "exceptionally significant", saying they show Aboriginal people camped in the area thousands of years ago.
COVID-19 patients given malaria drug didn't see significant improvements: Studies
Patients given the malaria drug touted by US President Donald Trump as a potential treatment for COVID-19 did not improve significantly over those who did not, according to two new studies published in the medical journal BMJ.
New test capable of detecting clinically significant prostate cancer in small blood sample
An international research team at Mahidol University in Bangkok, Thailand, has demonstrated the potential for a new blood test to detect clinically significant prostate cancer in high-risk patients, as reported in the medical journal Cancers on July 27, 2019.
Public health warning over ‘significant increase’ in measles cases at schools in central and west London
Measles outbreaks at three London schools have seen head teachers across the north and west of the capital put on high alert by health authorities.
Study: Body mass index plays significant role in progression of MS
A recent study has identified a link between high levels of blood lipids and worsening of disease in multiple sclerosis (MS) patients who are overweight or obese.
Cancer survivors face significant hardships related to medical bills
New research indicates that cancer survivors carry greater financial burdens related to medical debt payments and bills compared with individuals without a cancer history, with the greatest hardships in younger survivors.
Global warming: What’s so significant about 1.5°C?
A major report is to set out what needs to be done to keep global temperature rises to no more than 1.5°C — and what that will mean for the planet. Here’s what you need to know.

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