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South Korea says it will discuss frozen funds with Iran, US
South Korean Foreign Minister Park Jin said his country will need more talks with both Iran and the United States to be able to release billions of dollar worth of Iranian funds that have remained blocked in South Korea for the past years allegedly because of American sanctions on Tehran.
South Korea military deploys trucks to ship containers amid strike
South Korea military is operating some 100 cargo trucks consigned by the Ministry of Transport to ship containers in and out of major ports including Busan to respond to a nationwide trucker strike that began on June 7, the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries said on Monday.
South Korea union truckers continue strike; talks at a standstill
South Korean truckers were on strike for a sixth day on Sunday after talks with the government failed to make progress over their demands for higher pay, crippling cargo transport at the country's industrial hubs and major ports.
South Korea truck driver strike disrupts key industries
Defiant South Korean truckers embarked on broader and more aggressive strike action on Friday, threatening to severely curtail deliveries of raw materials for semiconductors and petrochemical products.
South Korea’s Yoon calls on North to trade nukes for aid
South Korea’s President Yoon Suk-yeol called on the North to give up its nuclear weapons in exchange for massive economic aid at his swearing-in Tuesday, describing Pyongyang’s missiles as a threat to regional and global security.
South Korea drops most COVID restrictions as cases fall
South Korea will lift almost all social distancing measures, the government said Friday, citing a dramatic fall in reported cases of COVID-19 after an Omicron-fuelled surge, but the mask mandate will remain.
South Korea hits record 400,000 plus cases amid Omicron wave
South Korea reported more than 400,000 new coronavirus cases Wednesday, a new record, as the country continues to ease restrictions despite the Omicron-fuelled wave of infections.
Iran exports to South Korea up 35%: Joint chamber secretary general
The secretary general of the Iran-South Korea Joint Chamber of Commerce announced a 35 percent increase in exports to South Korea in 11 months (March 21, 2021-February 19, 2022) compared to the corresponding figure of the preceding year.
After election loss, South Korea ruling party scrambles to regroup
The party of outgoing South Korea President Moon Jae-in scrambled to regroup on Friday as its leadership resigned en masse after its devastating election defeat, but still holds enough seats to potentially thwart the new president's agenda.
Iran opens permanent exhibition center in South Korea
Iran’s permanent exhibition center was inaugurated in the Multicultural Museum of Seoul, South Korea.
Iraq releases funds as South Korea seeks ways to free Iranian frozen assets
Iraq has released Iran’s funds blocked at Trade Bank of Iraq (TBI) to allow for the import of food and medical items by the Islamic Republic, an Iranian official said.
Russia blasts freezing of Iran’s funds in South Korea as ‘piracy in action’
Russia’s Permanent Representative to International Organizations in Vienna Mikhail Ulyanov lambasted the freezing of Iran’s funds in South Korea as “piracy in action,” as Seoul persists in blocking Iran’s access to the funds on the excuse of abiding by illegal US sanctions.
Tehran expected to regain its UN voting right after Seoul pays dues from Iran’s frozen assets
Iran is expected to regain its vote in the UN General Assembly this week after South Korea paid Tehran’s dues to the world body with Iranian funds frozen in the country, the Iranian ambassador to the UN said.
South Korea's Moon promises final push for North peace
South Korean President Moon Jae-in vowed on Monday to use his last months in office to press for a diplomatic breakthrough with North Korea, despite public silence from Pyongyang over his attempts for a declaration of peace between the two sides.

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