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Musk's SpaceX violated its launch license in explosive Starship test: The Verge
SpaceX’s first high-altitude test flight of its Starship rocket, which exploded last month while attempting to land after an otherwise successful test launch, violated the terms of its Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) test license, the Verge reported, citing sources.
SpaceX launches world record number of satellites
A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket carried 143 satellites into orbit on a jam-packed rideshare mission Sunday, setting a new world record for the most satellites launched by a single rocket.
SpaceX launches NASA astronauts into space
Elon Musk’s rocket company SpaceX launched four astronauts on a flight to the International Space Station (ISS) on Sunday, NASA’s first full-fledged mission sending a crew into orbit aboard a privately owned spacecraft.
Musk's SpaceX pegs initial Starlink Internet price at $99 per month
SpaceX is offering its Starlink broadband satellite Internet service to test users for $99 a month, plus $499 for a setup kit, according to emails seen by Reuters, as Elon Musk’s space company pushes to offer fast Internet speeds to rural American customers with limited options.
SpaceX calls off one launch, succeeds with another
The first of two planned back-to-back SpaceX Falcon 9 launches was called off Sunday because of bad weather, but the company succeeded later in the day, taking advantage of improving conditions to launch an Argentine remote sensing satellite on a spectacular trip to an orbit around Earth's poles.
SpaceX completes test flight of Mars rocket prototype
SpaceX successfully completed a flight of less than a minute of the largest prototype ever tested of the future rocket Starship, which the company hopes to use one day to colonize Mars.
Planet's satellites aim for still sharper view of Earth
When SpaceX puts up another batch of its Starlink satellites in the coming days, there'll be three spacecraft from the Planet company catching the same Falcon rocket ride to orbit.
NASA resumes human spaceflight with historic SpaceX launch
SpaceX, the private rocket company of billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk, launched two Americans into orbit from Florida on Saturday in a landmark mission marking the first spaceflight of NASA astronauts from US soil in nine years.
Prototype of new SpaceX rocket Starship explodes on Texas test pad
A prototype of SpaceX’s upcoming heavy-lift rocket, Starship, exploded on Friday during ground tests in south Texas as Elon Musk’s space company pursued an aggressive development schedule to fly the launch vehicle for the first time.
Stormy weather puts damper on SpaceX’s first astronaut launch
Stormy weather is threatening to delay SpaceX’s first astronaut launch.
Musk’s SpaceX to launch first astronauts from US soil since 2011
Elon Musk’s SpaceX company hopes to make history on Wednesday by launching the first astronauts into space from US soil in nine years, as the billionaire takes the next step in his dream to commercialize space travel.
SpaceX to bring astronauts to short-handed ISS for longer stay
Two NASA astronauts gearing up to ride SpaceX’s new space taxi will now be on a mission planned to last more than a month, instead of a week, to help the short-handed crew aboard the International Space Station (ISS), the US space agency said.
NASA picks Blue Origin, SpaceX to build new lunar landers
NASA has selected three private space companies to lead the development of lunar landers for its forthcoming Moon landings.
SpaceX 'fixing' brightness from satellites: Musk
SpaceX chief executive Elon Musk said the company was "fixing" the brightness of his company's satellites.
SpaceX gets May date to launch two NASA astronauts to ISS
NASA announced that it has set May 27 as the target launch date for sending two astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS) from Kennedy Space Center in Florida, aboard a rocket built by the company SpaceX.

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