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Iran's Navy spots foreign submarine during military drills
Iran’s Navy has identified and spotted a foreign submarine near its military exercise zone in northern parts of the Indian Ocean in the final stage of the ‘Eqtedar-e Daryayi 99’ drills.
Australian woman cheats death as car smashes into exact spot she was standing in seconds earlier
A woman dodged death as a car ploughed into the exact spot she was standing in just seconds before.
Blood test to spot Alzheimer's before symptoms occur
Researchers developed a new test that could help doctors detect Alzheimer's disease eight years before the first symptoms occur.
Scientists spot Solar System’s farthest known object
Astronomers spotted the farthest known object in our Solar System – and they have nicknamed the pink cosmic body “Farout.”
How to spot someone having a stroke and what to do
A stroke is a serious life-threatening medical condition that affects the brain.
Esteghlal eyes ACL semis spot in Al Sadd fight
Iranian Persian Gulf Pro League team Esteghlal hopes to reach the AFC Champions League (ACL) semifinals for the second time in its history when it hosts 2011 champion Al Sadd in the first leg of the quarterfinals on Monday.
Can you spot the real Shakespearean sonnet?
Researchers at International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) created a sonnet writing AI that they hope will one day write a perfect Shakespearean sonnet.
Iran fails to book 2018 IBSA Goalball World Championships semi-final spot
The Iran men’s national goalball team has missed out a place in the semi-final round of the 2018 International Blind Sports Federation (IBSA) Goalball World Championships in Sweden, after it could not triumph over the Belgian side in the quarter-finals.
Prenatal test may help spot serious gene mutations
Scientists who found a way to use amniotic fluid to sequence the entire genome of a fetus say the breakthrough could significantly increase detection of genetic conditions during pregnancy.
Hubble spots black, super hot exoplanet
New analysis of an oft-studied exoplanet suggests the alien world reflect almost no light — it's surface is pitch black, making it nearly invisible.
Scientists spot Martian 'spiders' in unexpected places
Bowie wasn't lying about Ziggy's bandmates — there are spiders from Mars. Sort of.
Explosive belts found after attack at Jordan's tourist spot: Interior minister
Jordanian police have found explosive belts and other weapons in the hideout of militants suspected to be behind a recent deadly assault that killed 10 people, the country's interior minister says.
Hubble locates new dark spot on Neptune
There's a new dark spot on Neptune, the farthest planet from the sun.
Can you spot what’s wrong with this five lira note?
The Turkish five-lira banknote shows a DNA helix, the solar system, atomic symbols, and a portrait of science historian Adnan Sayili. But the banknote is bearing an erroneous scientific depiction ever since it was issued in 2009, according to Turkish Nobel laureate Aziz Sancar.
Bastam, a fascinating tourist spot
By Reza Sotoudeh & Atefeh Rezvan-Nia

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