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U.S. at risk of paying 'unbearable price' over Taiwan: Chinese FM
The United States is at risk of paying an "unbearable price" due to its actions over Taiwan, Wang Yi, China’s state councillor and foreign minister, said in an interview with state media on Thursday.
China warns of ‘drastic measures’ if Taiwan provokes on independence
China will take "drastic measures" if Taiwan makes moves towards independence, a Beijing official warned on Wednesday, adding that Taiwan's provocations and outside meddling could intensify next year.
China reduces ties with Lithuania in Taiwan spat
China reduced the level of its diplomatic relations with Lithuania to below ambassador level Sunday in retaliation for the Baltic nation allowing Taiwan, the island claimed by Beijing as part of its territory, to open a representative office.
Xi warns Biden about 'playing with fire' on Taiwan
Chinese President Xi Jinping used a virtual summit with US counterpart Joe Biden to warn that encouraging Taiwanese independence would be "playing with fire".
China to hold Taiwan independence supporters criminally liable
China will make people who support Taiwan independence criminally liable for life, according to a spokeswoman for China’s Taiwan Affairs Office, amid heightened tensions between Beijing and Taiwan.
Taiwan has no right to join UN: China
China insisted Wednesday that Taiwan has no right to join the United Nations, after the United States ratcheted up tensions with a call for the island to have greater involvement in the world body.
China says military drills near Taiwan a 'just' move
Chinese military drills near Taiwan are targeted at forces promoting the island's formal independence and are a "just" move to protect peace, China said on Wednesday.
China's Xi vows 'reunification' with Taiwan
Chinese President Xi Jinping vowed on Saturday to realise peaceful "reunification" with Taiwan, but did not directly mention the use of force after a week of tensions with the Chinese-claimed island.
China urges US to stop military aid to Taiwan
US secretly training Taiwan's military: Pentagon
China flies 38 fighter planes toward Taiwan on National Day
China flew 38 fighter jets toward Taiwan in the largest display of force this year on China's National Day.
China condemns US warship transit of Taiwan Strait
China’s Defence Ministry protested the passage of a US Navy warship and coastguard cutter through the waters between China and Taiwan, a self-governing island claimed by Beijing.
China condemns ‘wanton intervention’ in Taiwan, deploys aircraft
China said it will “never tolerate” foreign intervention in issues related to Taiwan, a self-ruled democratic island that China claims as its own, after Taiwan reported the largest ever incursion into its airspace of Chinese aircraft, and Beijing sent more ships to the South China Sea.
Japan says ties with Taiwan only unofficial
Japan’s relations with Taiwan are nongovernmental and practical and are based on Tokyo’s recognition of China as the sole legitimate government, a top Japanese official said Friday, following Beijing’s protest over a recent reference to the island as a country.
Don’t play with fire: China warns US on Taiwan
China told the United States on Tuesday to stop playing with fire over Taiwan and lodged a complaint after Washington issued guidelines that will enable US officials to meet more freely with officials from the Chinese island.
China says military flights a warning against interference in Taiwan
The Chinese government said Wednesday that actions like its warplanes flying near Taiwan last weekend are a warning against both foreign interference in Taiwan and any independence moves by the island.

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