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China condemns US warship transit of Taiwan Strait
China’s Defence Ministry protested the passage of a US Navy warship and coastguard cutter through the waters between China and Taiwan, a self-governing island claimed by Beijing.
China condemns ‘wanton intervention’ in Taiwan, deploys aircraft
China said it will “never tolerate” foreign intervention in issues related to Taiwan, a self-ruled democratic island that China claims as its own, after Taiwan reported the largest ever incursion into its airspace of Chinese aircraft, and Beijing sent more ships to the South China Sea.
Japan says ties with Taiwan only unofficial
Japan’s relations with Taiwan are nongovernmental and practical and are based on Tokyo’s recognition of China as the sole legitimate government, a top Japanese official said Friday, following Beijing’s protest over a recent reference to the island as a country.
Don’t play with fire: China warns US on Taiwan
China told the United States on Tuesday to stop playing with fire over Taiwan and lodged a complaint after Washington issued guidelines that will enable US officials to meet more freely with officials from the Chinese island.
China says military flights a warning against interference in Taiwan
The Chinese government said Wednesday that actions like its warplanes flying near Taiwan last weekend are a warning against both foreign interference in Taiwan and any independence moves by the island.
China sends warplanes to Taiwan Strait in a show of force to Biden
China sent warplanes into the Taiwan Strait over the weekend, a show of force to the Biden administration that signals Beijing’s plans to maintain pressure on Taiwan even as it calls for a reset with the United States.
Pompeo lifts curbs on official US contacts with Taiwan
Announcement expected to upset China
China warns US against 'playing with fire' as another envoy set to visit Taiwan
China warned that the US is “playing with fire” by sending yet another official to visit Taiwan, despite repeated calls on Washington to stop such provocative acts.
China to respond to planned Taiwan-US military talks
China voiced strong opposition to planned military talks between the US and Taiwan, warning that it would give the “necessary response” to the negotiations.
Second Taiwan-born panda cub makes media debut
A second Taiwan-born giant panda made her media debut, clambering over a wooden climbing frame and playing with sawdust to the sound of clicking cameras.
DNA from Guam's indigenous peoples traced to Taiwan: Study
A team of archeologists from Taiwan and other countries has found that the origins of the Chamorro people in Guam are closely linked to the indigenous peoples of the northern Philippines, whose ancestry can be traced back to Taiwan. In a recent study titled "Ancient DNA from Guam and the peopling of the Pacific," the research team said DNA tracing suggested that the Chamorros had migrated from Taiwan to the Philippines and crossed the sea to Guam, reported.
China warns of action after Pompeo’s Taiwan remarks
China will strike back against any moves that undermine its core interests, its Foreign Ministry said on Friday, after US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that Taiwan “has not been a part of China”.
China urges US to stop increasing ties with Taiwan
China urged the US on Wednesday to stop boosting ties with Taiwan, after Washington and Taipei announced they would hold economic talks this month that Taiwan’s government described as a “major milestone” in relations.
China says US sends out wrong signals to Taiwan on potential drone sale deal
China’s Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday the US has sent out wrong and grave signals to the so-called Taiwan military forces on the potential drone sale deal.
Taiwan blacksmith turns artillery shells into knives
In a contemporary twist on beating swords into plowshares, Taiwanese blacksmith Wu Tseng-dong has forged a career fashioning kitchen knives from Chinese artillery shells once fired at his home.

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