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US, Afghanistan carry out prisoner exchange: Taliban
An American navy veteran detained in Afghanistan since 2020 was released by the Taliban on Monday in exchange for an ally who had spent 17 years in a US jail for heroin smuggling, Afghanistan's foreign minister said.
Afghan mosque blast kills 18, including pro-Taliban cleric
An explosion tore through a crowded mosque in western Afghanistan on Friday, killing at least 18 people, including a prominent cleric close to the Taliban, Taliban officials and a local medic said.
Iran urges Taliban to heed calls for inclusive government
A senior Iranian envoy warned of the “serious threat” of terrorists in Afghanistan to the country, its neighbors, and the entire region, saying the Taliban must heed the international community’s repeated calls for the formation of an inclusive government that accurately reflects the country’s multi-ethnic society.
Taliban accuses Pakistan of allowing US drones in Afghan airspace
The Taliban’s acting defence minister said Pakistan allowed American drones to use its airspace to access Afghanistan, a charge Pakistan has recently denied following a US air strike in Kabul.
UN records hundreds of killings and rights violations by Taliban
The Taliban have carried out hundreds of human rights violations in Afghanistan since seizing power last year, the United Nations said Wednesday, including extra judicial killings and torture.
'Stop interfering in Afghanistan', says Taliban leader in rare appearance
The Taliban's reclusive supreme leader Haibatullah Akhundzada called Friday for the world to stop telling them how to run Afghanistan, insisting sharia law was the only model for a successful Islamic state.
Taliban FM meets Shia leaders in Afghanistan
Taliban’s Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi held a meeting with some influential members of the Shia community in Afghanistan.
Taliban, Daesh are not the same
By Seyyed Reza Sadrol-Hosseini*
Taliban chief orders all Afghan women to wear burqa in public
The Taliban on Saturday imposed one of the harshest restrictions on Afghanistan's women since seizing power, ordering them to wear the all-covering burqa in public.
Taliban supreme leader urges world to recognize government
Taliban’s supreme leader called again Friday for the international community to recognize the Taliban government, saying the world had become a "small village" and proper diplomatic relations would help solve the country's problems.
Pakistan calls for action against militants on Afghan soil after cross-border attacks
Taliban issues warning over civilians killed by Pakistan rockets
Iran urges Taliban to curb wave of refugees
The Afghan refugees’ influx to Iran cannot continue given the country’s limited capacities, said the Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman, calling on the Taliban to take on responsibility in this regard.
Study: Suffering reaches unprecedented levels in Afghanistan
The Taliban’s recent decision to renege on its promise to allow girls to attend school past sixth grade is a stark reminder of how much life has changed for Afghans since the group returned to power last year – and Gallup’s surveys in the country show it hasn’t been for the better.

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