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Eritrean troops killed hundreds of civilians in Ethiopia’s Tigray: Amnesty
Eritrean soldiers fighting across the border in Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region killed hundreds of people in a massacre last year in a likely crime against humanity, Amnesty International said Friday.
From Ethiopia's Tigray region to Yemen, the dilemma of declaring a famine
Every day, more and more reports of starvation trickle out of the Tigray region of Ethiopia that has been hit by conflict.
UN says 20,000 refugees missing in Tigray
As many as 20,000 refugees are missing after two camps in Ethiopia’s war-torn Tigray region were destroyed, the United Nations said.
'Extreme urgent need': Starvation haunts Ethiopia's Tigray
From “emaciated” refugees to crops burned on the brink of harvest, starvation threatens the survivors of more than two months of fighting in Ethiopia’s Tigray region.
Almost 2.3m people need aid in Ethiopia's Tigray: UN report
Fighting is still going on in several parts of Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region and almost 2.3 million people, or nearly half of the population, need aid, a UN report said.
‘Overwhelming’ reports of killings of Eritreans in Tigray: UNHCR
The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) said it has received an “overwhelming” number of reports about Eritrean refugees in Tigray being killed, abducted or forcibly returned to Eritrea since fighting in Ethiopia’s northernmost region began more than a month ago.
UN: Tigray fighting hampers aid delivery despite deal
The United Nations said on Friday that fighting continued "in many parts" of Ethiopia's northern Tigray region, complicating efforts to deliver humanitarian aid despite an agreement granting the UN access to territory under federal control.
UN, Ethiopia sign deal for aid access to embattled Tigray
In a breakthrough a month after deadly conflict cut off Ethiopia’s Tigray region from the world, the United Nations on Wednesday said it and the Ethiopian government have signed a deal to allow “unimpeded” humanitarian access, at least for areas under federal government control after the prime minister’s declaration of victory over the weekend.
Ethiopia's PM relishes victory, but Tigrayan leader says war not over
Ethiopia's Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed lauded his soldiers on Monday for victory over a rebellious northern movement, but the leader of Tigray's forces said they were still fighting amid fears of a protracted guerrilla conflict.
Ethiopia: Military operation in Tigray is over; hunt for region leaders begins
The Ethiopian government launched a manhunt on Sunday for leaders of a rebellious faction in the northern region of Tigray after announcing federal troops had taken over the regional capital and military operations were complete.
Ethiopian forces begin offensive on Tigray capital
Ethiopian government forces began an offensive to capture the regional capital Mekelle in the rebellious northern Tigray region on Saturday, said a diplomat in direct contact with residents, and the leader of Tigrayan forces.
Ethiopia says Tigray capital encircled after surrender ultimatum
Ethiopian federal forces were encircling the Tigray region’s capital from around 50 kilometers (31 miles) on Monday, the government said, after giving the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) a 72-hour surrender ultimatum.
Ethiopia pushes toward Tigray capital, rebuffs African mediation
Ethiopia said on Saturday its forces had seized another town in their advance on the capital of northern Tigray region and rebuffed an African Union (AU) push to mediate in the war with rebel forces in the region.
Ethiopia says Tigray town seized, war embroils Eritrea
Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government said on Monday it had captured another town in the northern Tigray region after nearly two weeks of fighting in a conflict already spilling into Eritrea and destabilizing the wider Horn of Africa.
Ethiopia's Tigray leader confirms bombing Eritrean capital
Rebellious forces from Ethiopia’s Tigray region fired rockets at the airport in Eritrea’s capital Asmara on Saturday evening, their leader said on Sunday, confirming earlier reports of a major escalation in a 12-day-old conflict in Ethiopia.

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