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Senior Iranian official: ‘Very good steps’ taken in Vienna talks so far
Iranian President's Chief of Staff Mahmoud Vaezi said on Thursday that "very good steps" have been taken so far during the ongoing nuclear talks between Iran and the 4+1 - the UK, France, Russia, China and Germany.
US latest sanctions nothing but a mere ‘show’: Iranian official
Iranian president’s Chief of Staff Mahmoud Vaezi has downplayed the latest sanctions imposed by the United States against Iran, saying they are nothing but a mere show by the hawkish administration of lame-duck US President Donald Trump towards the Islamic Republic.
Iran welcomes Armenia-Azerbaijan cease-fire agreement
A senior Iranian administration official said Iran welcomes the recent agreement between Armenia and Azerbaijan to cease fire in the Nagorno-Karabakh region.
Iran voices readiness to play more active role in settling Azerbaijan-Armenia dispute
Iran’s President’s chief of Staff Mahmoud Vaezi said the country is prepared to play a more active role in resolving the ongoing dispute between Azerbaijan and Armenia over the Nagorno-Karabakh region.
Iran welcomes Russia's efforts for ceasefire in Nagorno-Karabakh: Vaezi
Iran’s President’s chief of Staff Mahmoud Vaezi in a tweeted message on Monday said Iran welcomes Russia's efforts to mediate and bring about a ceasefire in the Nagorno-Karabakh region between Azerbaijan and Armenia.
South Korea showing positive signals for releasing Iran’s assets: Vaezi
Iran’s president’s Chief of Staff Mahmoud Vaezi said on Wednesday that South Korea is showing positive signals for giving back Iran’s assets blocked in the Asian country under the US pressure.
Vaezi: Broad ties give Iran, Russia strategic prospects
The diverse spectrum of cooperation between Iran and Russia has given a strategic dimension to relations between the two countries, which are being expanded at all levels, said the Iranian president's chief of staff.
Senior official hails Iran-Japan trust-based friendly ties
Chief of Staff of the Presidential Office Mahmoud Vaezi praised Iran-Japan relationship noting that mutual ties between the two capitals has always been based on friendship, trust, and respect.
Washington’s desperate efforts against Iran doomed to fail: Vaezi
Iranian president’s Chief of Staff Mahmoud Vaezi refuted US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’ threatening remarks against Iran, saying the blatant threat of sanctions against countries that oppose the US is a dangerous innovation in the international system as well as in the UN Security Council.
Iran calls for peaceful solution to Azerbaijan-Armenia dispute
Iranian President’s Chief of Staff Mahmoud Vaezi called for a peaceful solution to a recent dispute erupted between Azerbaijan and Armenia over Nagorno-Karabakh region.
US allies tired of its addiction to sanctions: Senior Iranian official
Head of the Presidential Office Mahmoud Vaezi referred to the EU foreign policy chief's opposition to the US' use of economic sanctions, calling it indicative of the fact that “even US allies are fed up with its obsession with sanction.”
Vaezi: Iran determined to support Venezuela’s legitimate gov’t
Arrival of Iranian ships a day of celebration for Venezuelan people: Maduro’s special envoy
Official: US accuses Iran to cover up crimes in region
Head of Presidential Office Mahmoud Vaezi in a message said the US accuses Iran of threatening regional security and stability to cover up its crimes in the region.

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