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Viral Pakistani cricket fan featured in Hong Kong Museum of Memes
In the digital world, we see thousands of hilarious memes on an everyday basis, but only a few of them manage to leave a lasting impression.
Girl, 7, asks for duck birthday cake and mom's hilarious attempt goes viral
A mom has left people in stitches after sharing a side by side comparison of the birthday cake her daughter had asked her to make and the one she ended up with.
Five of 2020 jugaad ideas went viral in the time of coronavirus
Unique problems call for unique solutions. At the beginning of the year, much of the world went into an unprecedented lockdown to contain the spread of the highly infectious coronavirus.
Yellow turtle, white snake and other rare animals that have gone viral
The animal kingdom is so diverse that one can't hope to see all the species that exist on our planet's land and deep oceans.
Irish hotel's adorable 'bunny wedding' video goes viral
There was no nine-carrot wedding ring, but an adorable video of an Irish hotel's ‘bunny wedding’ has gone viral.
Mythical monster goes viral as Japan prays for end of pandemic
Move over Pokemon and Hello Kitty, in coronavirus-hit Japan, a new character has captured hearts and hopes: Amabie, a beak-nosed, long-locked mythical mermaid monster said to repel plagues.
New technology to ease HIV viral load tests
A new technology will ease viral load tests, making results available in a matter of minutes, as well as being usable by personnel that are not laboratory-trained in facilities that are not typical laboratory environments.
Video of woman stealing tableware at event goes viral
A video showing a woman apparently stealing tableware at a public event has gone viral on social media.
Blood test could reveal one's viral history
A single drop of blood may reveal a range of viruses a person has contracted recently, or possibly years ago, a new study suggested.

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