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WTO postpones major meeting after new variant outbreak
The World Trade Organization (WTO) became the first major diplomatic casualty of the new coronavirus variant when it postponed its first ministerial meeting in four years due to the deteriorating health situation.
G20 should boost trade financing for developing countries, back reforms, says WTO official
Group of 20 major economies should work to provide trillions of dollars in trade financing for developing countries to ensure the recovery of the global economy from the COVID-19 pandemic, a top official with the World Trade Organization said on Saturday.
Nigeria to push back on US rejection of WTO candidate
Nigeria will lobby for its candidate to head the World Trade Organization (WTO), the country’s Foreign Ministry said in reaction to her last-minute rejection by Washington that threw the regulator’s leadership selection process into confusion.
WTO rules EU can apply tariffs on US goods as trade war deepens
The EU has been given permission to levy tariffs on US products worth $4 billion in retaliation for subsidies given to Boeing, in the latest salvo in a bitter 16-year battle between the US plane maker and its European arch rival, Airbus.
China: WTO report proves US in breach of international rules
China said on Wednesday that a ruling by the World Trade Organization (WTO) proved the United States had been breaking international trade rules.
World Trade Organization: How an African head could make a difference
With three of the eight candidates to become the next leader of the World Trade Organization (WTO) coming from Africa, BBC Africa business editor Zawadi Mudibo looks at what difference having one of them at the helm would make for the continent.
South Korean trade minister announces bid to become next WTO chief
South Korean Trade Minister Yoo Myung-hee on Wednesday announced her bid for the top job of the World Trade Organization (WTO), saying she would make her utmost efforts to reshape the final arbiter in trade disputes if she is elected.
WTO head quits early as global downturn looms
The head of the World Trade Organization has said he will step down a year earlier than planned, at a crucial moment for the global economy.
EU warns of WTO challenge if US-China deal harms businesses
The European Union (EU) has warned that if a trade agreement recently signed by the United States and China creates “distortions” in the market, it will challenge the deal at the World Trade Organization (WTO).
EU warns of WTO challenge if China-US deal creates 'distortions'
The European Union will challenge the China-US trade agreement at the World Trade Organization if it creates ‘distortions’ in the market that harm EU companies, the bloc's envoy to Beijing said Friday.
WTO ruling says EU has failed to end illegal Airbus subsidies
A World Trade Organization panel ruled that the European Union has not complied with an order to end illegal subsidies for plane maker Airbus, which prompted the Trump administration to impose tariffs on nearly $7.5 billion US worth of EU goods in October.
India may retaliate against US in steel dispute at WTO
India may retaliate against the US on the basis of issues that have been decided in India’s favor by the World Trade Organization compliance panel in the dispute over countervailing duties on steel imports. This can happen in case Washington does not appeal the ruling, which it can do over the next 60 days.
WTO panel rules India export subsidies illegal, upholds US case
A World Trade Organization (WTO) panel ruled on Thursday that Indian export subsidies are prohibited and should be removed, upholding a complaint brought by the United States.
Free trade is dead
By Bernd Lange & Tim Peter*

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