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Iran, Russia sign visa waiver deal for group tours
Senior tourism officials from Iran and Russia finalized a joint plan of action that allows the nationals of the two countries to travel in groups of up to 50 people with one visa.
Iran, Afghanistan sign joint border agreement
Iranian and Afghan officials signed an agreement on border cooperation after the end of a five-hour meeting on Saturday.
Iran, Kazakhstan sign agreement to reinforce cooperation
Iran and Kazakhstan signed a 15-article document for cooperation aimed at reinforcing friendly, fraternal and neighborly relations between the two countries based on mutual respect and trust.
Iran, Iraq draft security agreement
Tehran and Baghdad have drafted a security agreement to be later signed by the Iranian and Iraqi interior ministers, said Iran’s deputy foreign minister on Wednesday.
Iran, Azerbaijan sign agreement to bolster economic ties
Iran and Azerbaijan have inked a key document to expand bilateral economic cooperation as Baku welcomes Iran’s increased investment and technical assistance to rebuild regions around Nagorno-Karabakh that were liberated following a deadly conflict with ethnic Armenian forces late last year.
Iran, Nicaragua museums ink cooperation agreement
The national museums of Iran and Nicaragua signed an agreement to expand bilateral cooperation at a virtual meeting.
Greenhouse gases already emitted will warm Earth beyond limits in Paris Agreement, research suggests
The amount of greenhouse gases already released into the atmosphere by humans will likely warm our planet beyond the limits set out under the Paris Agreement, alarming new research which recalculates previous climate models warns.
Saudi agreement with Qatar proves siege, aggression policies reached dead end: Yemen
The Yemeni Houthi Ansarullah movement said Saudi Arabia’s decision to ease the blockade of Qatar and open its borders with the country proves the failure of the policies of siege and aggression.
Moroccan lawyers demand cancelation of normalization agreement with Israel
A group of lawyers in Morocco censured the Rabat government over its recent agreement to normalize relations with Israel, demanding a reversal of the decision.
No country doing enough to meet goals of Paris Agreement, says climate report
Still no country is doing enough to keep global temperature rise well below 2°C — the target set five years ago in the Paris Agreement, a new report warns.

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