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Polluted air cuts global life expectancy by two years
Microscopic air pollution caused mostly by burning fossil fuels shortens lives worldwide by more than two years, researchers reported Tuesday.
India imposes restrictions in Delhi due to dangerous levels of air pollution
Delhi shut down schools until further notice, urged people to work from home and banned non-essential trucks from entering the Indian capital due to dangerous levels of air pollution.
WHO: Air pollution causing seven million premature deaths a year
The World Health Organization strengthened its air quality guidelines on Wednesday, saying air pollution was now one of the biggest environmental threats to human health, causing seven million premature deaths a year.
There's link between air pollution and irreversible vision loss: Study
Air pollution could cloud your vision in later life, according to a large study that found a link between fine particle air pollution and macular degeneration, an age-related eye disease that can lead to irreversible blindness.
Most of UK living with illegal air pollution
Almost 60 percent of people in England are living in areas where levels of toxic air pollution exceeded legal limits last year, analysis of official figures has revealed.
Air pollution kills seven million people every year – UN chief
United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres in his message on the International Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies, September 7, 2020, said air pollution causes an estimated seven million premature deaths every year.
Smog forces schools to shut again in Tehran Province
Schools in the city of Tehran and the eastern part of Tehran Province will be closed for the next two days over rising levels of air pollution, Iranian authorities announced on Friday, following similar measures last week.
Smog shuts schools, universities in Iran
Air pollution forced the closure of schools and universities in parts of Iran on Saturday, including Tehran, which was cloaked by a cloud of toxic smog.
Air pollution linked to higher glaucoma risk
Living in a more polluted area is associated with a greater likelihood of having glaucoma, a debilitating eye condition that can cause blindness, a new UCL-led study in the UK has found.
Air pollution shutters schools in Iran's capital
Schools in Tehran were ordered to close on Wednesday after the capital city was cloaked in dangerously high levels of air pollution, authorities said.
Air pollution in India linked to heart attack, stroke: Study
Researchers conducting a study in a peri-urban area in southern India have found that air pollution in the country is associated with a higher risk of cardiovascular diseases (CVD).
UK air pollution 'triggers hundreds more heart attacks, strokes'
Sudden spikes in air pollution in the UK trigger hundreds more heart attacks, strokes and acute asthma attacks on those days, research suggested.
Air pollution linked to increased risk of infant death and reduced lung function in children
Babies living in areas with high levels of air pollution have a greater risk of death than those surrounded by cleaner air, a study has found.
Dangerous air pollution in Indonesia's Borneo leads to school closures
Schools in two cities in the Indonesian part of Borneo island will be closed for a week after smoke from forest fires caused air quality to hit "dangerous" levels, a local government official said on Sunday.
Low-income, black neighborhoods in US still hit hard by air pollution
Disease-causing air pollution remains high in pockets of America — particularly those where many low-income and African-American people live, a disparity highlighted in research presented at the annual meeting of the American Sociological Association in New York.

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